Choice of motor and more - newbie - Multistar 4822-690Kv VS. Multistar Elite 3508-268KV


First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of knowledge at this topic. And the spelling errors (Im from Denmark).

I have built relatively small quad before, but figured I wanted to go bigger and better! - My choice fell on a hex, which isn't made for fast travel or agility. But for the medium heavy lift and stability. In the future I want to experiment with autonomous flight, but not atm.

During my search for motor I found these quite interesting:

Turnigy Multistar 4822-690Kv 22Pole Multi-Rotor Outrunner

Multistar Elite 3508-268KV High Voltage Endurance Motor

Nothing is final, but im planning to use a 6S battery to drive the whole thing. As flightcontroller I thought about the CC3D.

What is your opinions about the motors? Do you have any better alternatives?

ANY suggestions on any of the parts are warmly welcome! :)
Thank you!

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Hi James.

Thank you for advice! :)

I have got a couple of questions...
I've been looking for escs, but 6s 20 amp esc with Simon K firmware aren't around for a decent price. Is 6s overkill?
And what do you as a experienced prefer when it comes to esc? Simon K or? And can I use the "cheap" ebay ones?

Secondly, flightcontroller.
Am I making a bad call by choosing cc3d? :) Will a pixhawk or naze do me better?

Thanky :)

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