Hi everyone,

I recently experienced a crash with a 3Drobotics X8 RTF, APM 2.6 firmware 3.1.5. The drone was in the middle of an auto mission (about 10 WPs, short distance) and has started to wobble dangerously just after a gust of about 3 beaufort until it fall on the ground. No consequent damage, fortunately. I checked the dataflash logs and it appears the frame configuration was set to "Plus" instead of "X". So I have two questions;

-1) How may it possible that the frame configuration has changed from "X" to "Plus". Does the firmware update may cause such an issues? Of course, I select the configuration "X" in the mission planner interface when I perform the firmware update.

-2) How is it possible that the UAS flyes correctly (and autonomously) for half the mission if the frame configuration is incorrect?

In would appreciate any help! In advance, thanks.


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    Hi Jo,

    just came across your post. That is very strange! The only thing I could image is that you (accidentally) hit the wizard in MP or something. Not sure if it will fly with a wrong configuration. You definitely should see it if you fly in stabilize mode.

    Could you solve the issue?



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