A group of my fellow students and I are building the FireFly6 UAV offered by BirdsEyeView. Our school purchased the Pro Combo, for which instructions are somewhat limited on the internet. We have the whole thing assembled and have all the components attached, and are testing everything now. Our Forward Flight Mode is working great, we have full control over everything on that mode, but our Hover Mode isn't working at all; none of the front motors are spinning, neither of the back motors are spinning, and none of the servos are working. We have the APM 2.6 I believe for the forward flight, and the Pixhawk controller for hover mode. I'll upload pictures later (can't do it at school). Feel free to ask if you need more information to help us out. Thanks in advance.

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We're trying to get the hover mode working, just to clarify. Here's some pictures I took yesterday of the Firefly.


Okay, we've been able to do a little more testing, and with the jumpers on the FF-IN 1, 2, and 3 ports on the BirdsEyeView Bridge, we can turn the front motors full throttle, move the wing servos, raise and lower the retracts, and can switch back and forth from forward flight and hover mode (using the FrSKY Taranis plus radio controller). Once we are switched to hover mode, none of the motors spin at all and the wing servos do not operate. The retract servos are still fully functional, and we can still switch back to forward flight mode. In our very limited knowledge, we are guessing that either something is wired incorrectly on the hover controller (Pixhawk), that our radio controller isn't sending out the correct signal in hover mode, or that our hover controller isn't working. We are in a big rush trying to get this done, so any tips regarding troubleshooting and solutions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to ask if you need more information to help us out. Thanks in advance.

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