• This is interesting. My CAP squadron is in the process of completing a STEM program that included a Calypso. I can't modify it until I've been able to arrange for a field day to allow the cadets to fly the stock aircraft, but would like to use it as a lightweight, short range educational platform to ease them into UAVs.

  • How/Where did you put the airspeed sensor?

    nicolas grunbaum said:

    3702301160?profile=originalAs you can see, the pixhawk takes half the place on the cockpit, esc goes up front with the x8r receiver, 915 telemetry radio goes just next to the servos (i made a hole to pass the antenna). Airspeed sensor is on one wing away from the prop turbulence. 

    Batery goes on top (on the CF plate i put there). The total weight is around 800 to 850 gr i think, and i had to add some lead on tail to eauilibrate the nose heavy (21gr on the tail)

    Here is a boring video of yesterday flight.

    I have some flight logs too on droneshare. 

  • How/where did yall mount the airspeed sensor? Planning out my calypso build with Pixhawk and raspberry PI.

  • Today i flew the plane on a 45km path, it took 1h20 minutes to complete. The Amps draw was around 3A mean value, a total of 4500mAh used out of a 8100mAh li ion (18650PF) pack. I stoped because the plane had no power to keep flying. I believe the li ion bats are not good enough as lipo bats wich will be able to give the full capacity. 

    I'm thinking on going back to lipo since if i'm corrected the mAh/gr is going to be better. I need to check.

    Here is th flightpath: 3702119532?profile=original

    The first part of the flight consist on a rectangle of 700 meters wich has been done 40 times. The rest is cruise control mode. 

    • How are you getting a 4000-8000mAh pack into this little plane. You must have had to put tons of weight in the tail. Does it not get a little hard to fly at those weights? 

      • I have yet to setup apm in mine and still flying it rc, but I have flown with a 3700 lipo and no issue just moved the battery back to re balance CG, however a 8 amp pack does sound very large, but I had seen on a few other posts on forums those 18650PF cells and read they were a higher energy density then other lipos, interesting though you only got just over half of the 8 amps, what brand are they?

        • I'm using a 3cell pack in the front, and 2 3cells packs (one on each wing). I just added 21 gr on the tail to equilibrate. The cells on the wing are on the cg line, so they dont induce any unbalance. 

          I will make a photo tomorrow to show you what i did. 

          The cells are panasonic. they weight 46gr each making the virtual 8000mAh 410gr more or less. 

          I believe it's normal to have less than it should for these bats. 

  • I just weighted the plane. It's 1100gr AUW. Today i did a 10k flight. Flying at 10m/s airspeed the draw is about1.5A to 2.5A except for the takeioff of course.

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