Hello guys,

Noob to RC here.

I'm interested in getting into the FPV, and using it in an RC rock crawler setup.
I've done a good deal of research and came upon this thread in doing so:


This is my "buy list" thus far:

Mobius Action Camera : http://www.amazon.com/Mobius-Action-.../dp/B00DP1WYD2
+ Mobius lens extender: Amazon.com : 8" Lens Module Extension Cable For The Mobius ActionCa...

Video Tx:
Mini 25mW 5.8 GHz: Mini 25mW 5.8GHz FPV / Repeater Transmitter RangeVideo TX-5800-25-mini

Video Rx:
N/A because included in the display device

Display Device:
Headplay: HeadPlay HD FPV Headset w/ 40ch 5.8GHz Receiver (Pre-order) Headpla...

3-Axis Head Tracker:
Trinity External: the Trinity External Head Tracker (3 Axis)

Q1. Asside from a 3-axis camera-gimble, is there anything I'm missing from the above buy-list in order to complete my FPV requirements?

Now changing the subject slightly:

Regarding the Radio Transmitter...
To "future-proof" my purchase, It seems I will want a transmitter with 7-9 channels:

1. ESC (throttle/brake)
2. Steering Servo
3. Camera Pan Servo
4. Camera Tilt Servo
5. Camera Roll Servo
6. Steering wheel servo (visual)
7. Lights (optional)
8. Winch (optional)
9. Additional Steering Servo (for optional 4-wheel steering)

Q2. Can anyone point me in the direction of an 7-9+ channel pistol-grip radio tx that is ideal for RC crawlers?

now to the even more complicated bit:

I'm interested in installing a gyro on-board the crawler, and having it feed back angular data to me for the sake of making a sort of heads-up display. Being a noob to RC, I originally thought I could just have additional channels on my RC "transmitter" and have data sent from the car to my RC transmitter. However, it seems every hand-controller I find is strictly a Transmitter device, and not a Transceiver device... therefore, 2-way communication is not possible without additional hardware.

I imagine there is a relatively easy way to pull data from the RC unit, because I vaguely remember seeing data displayed on drone FPV screens (like elevation, pitch, roll, etc).

Q3. Is there a (ideally pistol-grip) radio setup that acts as transceivers (2-way communication) instead of the typical Tx / Rx setup?

Q4. If not, how would you propose I pull data from my RC crawler back to me?

I'm familiar with Arduino, and may be implementing some of RCArduino's work as well: RCArduino


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I don't think you will find an off the shelf RC Pistol Grip Transmitter with more than 4 channels, I haven't come across any.

But I have not looked in depth at the PPM options in some of the Futaba or Taranis radios.

Does it need to be pistol grip? With a 2 stick radio you could drive the front and back independently all the time without needing to switch and 9 or more channels is easy to get.

For your data, and maybe other channel options, maybe a combination of PPM from the Rx into a flight controller board. Something simple like NAZE or CC3D that can give multiple PWM outputs from the PPM input, and provide the data you are after, as well as send it to an OSD unit. With these boards or a more powerful one like APM or Pixhawk, you would have GPS functions as well. As you are familiar with Arduino then these would present no problems in getting your head into.

Your shopping list seems complete although a 3 axis gimbal is a bit over the top. At most you would need 2 depending on the angular view from the camera. The ability to look right and left is essential, and maybe a bit of up and down, but thats about it. And I knocked together serviceable gimbals by hot glueing one servo to another to a camera. Nothing more needed.

Thanks for the response.

I was not aware of PPM until last night. I'm now thinking I could get away with only a 4 channel pistol-grip with PPM. We shall see.

And I just recently learned that some RC "Transmitters" offer "telemetry" features (essentially 2-way communication) yet for some reason said "Transmitters" aren't called "Transceivers" (seems like they should be).

I also noticed that in order to plug-and-play the head-tracking, I need a transceiver that has the appropriate "test port" that I can plug into.

Funny how many variables I need to nail-down just to ensure I purchase the correct Transceiver Transmitter. (doh!)


For ground vehicles there has traditionally been no need for more than 4 channels.

What about a 4 channel pistol grip being supplemented by a wifi or blue tooth connection from your mobile device to an arduino board in the car controlling your other devices and feeding back data as an OSD.

Seems the RC Crawler guys are wanting more than 4 Channels now:

1. Throttle/Brake

2. Steering Front

3. Steering Rear

4. Transmission shift

5. Winch

6+ FPV

If I remember correctly, Bluetooth is a 2.4 GHz frequency, which happens to also be the frequency of choice for RC Crawler Transmitters. Would I run a risk of interference?

A friend of mine pointed out this as an option: http://www.dx.com/p/3drobotics-3dr-radio-telemetry-kit-915mhz-modul...

runs on a 915 MHz frequency. Essentially a wireless serial port.

I'm also familiar with the NRF24LO1+ RF Transceivers. Very cheap and have a range of about 100 feet. But also run on a 2.4 GHz.

I think it would be ideal if I could just take advantage of the 2-way coms that "telemetry" radios offer. But I'm still not sure.

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