hello everyone!

I just received my ArduPilot 2.6, everything is fine but ...

I be trying to operate the camera gimbal servos. I followed the guide copter.ardupilot.com page does not work.

I connect the tilt servo to rc10 and I set it up in MP. in RC10 just connect the cable from the servo signal, and connect the + and - output 7.

look at the pictures, I need to connect the servo to an external source?

servo model is the micro servo 9g




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How are you powering the APM? Are you using the PM with J1 removed?
If you are, then you have the power the APM servo output power bus with a BEC or the BEC that is in an ESC. When J1 is removed the power for the APM, whether it is coming from the PM or a separate BEC on the APM R/C receiver input, does not power the APM servo output power bus.
Here is the Wiki link for powering the APM without J1: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-apm25-and-26-overview/#Powe...
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

I am using the 3d Power Module so in theory the A1 to A10 power bus should have no voltage.  However mine has, it is showing 4.8 volts.  APM 2.5 with 3.01.  Is this another 3.01 glitch?


The 3DR Power Module powers every bus on the APM except the servo output power bus when the J1 jumper is removed. So the A1 thru A10 connectors should have power on their power pins.

Per the camera gimbal Wiki you can use A9, A10, and A11 to control, but not power, the gimbal servos. That means that APM provides PWM control signals to the gimbal servos, but you must power the gimbal servos separately. Also you must ensure that you have a common ground between the APM and the BEC or whatever that powers the gimbal servos.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Hi Thomas, thank you for taking the time to answer.  I am not sure how to power the servos.  Could you be more specific and tell me exactly how to do that.  For example what plug or lead goes where.  I plugged the servo lead into A9 and A10, plugged a Rx battery into A1, gave the correct terminals in MP but the servos do not move.  I suspect either the board is faulty or I am plugging the servo +- into the wrong socket.  Jees this makes me feel so stupid!!!


I would like for you to reread my post directly above and then review the wiki on powering the APM: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-apm25-and-26-overview/#Powe...

The Analog port A9, A10, and A11 are not designed to provide power to a servo directly. The PWM outputs of A9, A10, and A11 are designed to provide control signals to the servos. The servos must be powered separately from the APM by a BEC that can provide enough current to drive the servos. Also the BEC gnd pin (-) must be connected to a gnd pin (-) on the APM to have a common return.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer 

I guess you are busy trying Tim, did you come right?

Not yet!! I plugged the servo's into A10 and A11 again and they work!! But but why? I do not have a second power supply, I am not powering the servos with a separate battery either.  OMG this is so frustrating.  What did happen is when i plugged the servo lead in the wrong way round the motors went to full throttle and I nearly lost a finger!!  Again Why?? I am beginning to think i might just give up on this, life is just too short!

Thanks Thomas.  How do i power the servos? Details please. (its not so simple if you have never done it before.)

hello. right now I be testing connecting + and - of the servo to a different power source, and connect the signal cable to pin a10, is all configured on MP but the servo does not move. :(


Please make sure you have a common ground plane (negative polarity / black wire) between the source that powers the APM and the one that powers the servo. The signal wire alone doesn't work.

Also, from your first test pictures, it looks like you powered the APM from your computer via the USB line. The USB +5V supply is fine for low-consumption electronics (APM, GPS and radio RX) but running any servo off it would run the risk of frying your computer USB interface.

If you are willing to risk it, though, do not try to get power off the Output connectors. The way everything works, while the Output rail really outputs PWM values on the signal lines to drive motor ESCs, power-wise it is for feeding power into the APM from the ESC BECs. Power your servo off the Input rails, where the APM actually feeds +5V to the RX receiver.

Then again, consider the risk of frying something.

I feel like a total idiot but I have the same issues.

Can someone just draw a pretty diagram where every cable goes to the right pin? I do not want a brownout midair. Too many acronyms :/ For example, what is a BEC?

hello mikael! look this (this horrible drawing but it was the way that worked) jajaja


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