Hi all,

Till now I've worked with foam planes, home made quadcopters and ready made (like dji phantom)

but a couple of days ago I started modifying a MJX 646 heli (fixed pitch) so it will work with APM 2.6 .


The helicopter looks like this and this is it's swashplate.

It has two servos at 90deg angle. Also, it has two dc motors (they are called brushed, right?).

What I did

I got an APM 2.6 (with extra gps and compass module) and two brushed esc.

My RC controller is a ZD T7AH-2400 (tested with a quadcopter and a foam plane and works like a charm).

I connected everything according to this link.

But a quick read on the page will reveal the source of my failure. This page is about collective pitch helicopter, where mine is a fixed pitch one.

So the question is, does APM works with fixed pitch helicopters?

Maybe it's a naive question, but I really looked everywhere on the net and couldn't find a single piece of information about that.

Any help would be much appreciated. (And a bonus question: Does it work with coaxial helicopters?)

Thanks for your time.

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