Is there existing "velocity-control" quadcopter plantform?

Hello everyone,

I am new in the quadcopters as well as uavs. But I am conducting an experiment which a velocity control quadcopter is a very ideal experimental device. That means the four inputs are three linear velocity velocity along x, y and z axis of body frame and one angular velocity along z axis of body frame. It is noting that the input definition is depending on the assumption of small pitch and roll angles! :)

So similar to the velocity control based mobile robot platform, is there some velocity control based quadcopter exist now? I have bought an ARdrone 2.0 and try to control it in velocity command by ROS. I found that the only input commands is linear.x .y and.z as well as angular.z which are bounded between -1 and 1. representing the percentage of maximum of corresponding values. I manage to add a PID controller based on the feedback of VICON on it and achieve "velocity control". but it seems not work very accurately. 

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hallo, can i get your journal, because i am doing research on quadcopter velocity with linear quadratic regulator method, and i dont have referense about it

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