I'm trying to load custom ArduCopter firmware I've locally built onto my IRIS+ UAV. However, as Mission Planner doesn't work for Linux, is there some other supported way to load the firmware? On a related note, is there anything like Mission Planner for Linux that allows me to calibrate the UAV live, or at least change the parameters easily?

I apologize if there's an obvious solution, but I've tried prodding around for a week or so. I actually tried to move over to  Windows, which worked beautifully until I spent another week fixing my registry and paths then seeing the PX4Toolkit take about half an hour to compile the firmware once. The only other alternative solution I can think of is to use Linux to compile the firmware, then use Windows to calibrate and load the firmware.


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APM planner 2

Thanks for the reminder about APM. I won't have access to the drone until tomorrow evening, but I can't seem to see the "Load custom firmware" option, like in Mission Planner. Does it only show after connecting to the UAV?

Now that I'm looking at APM, does it by chance allow me to save the calibration values and individually set them? I've been having trouble with Mission Planner and having to run through the calibration wizard every time, as I wasn't sure how to export the values and set them back later.

Sorry for being so new and clueless to this, even after searching and looking around. Thanks for your help~

If you're building from source, use "make px4-v2-upload" in the terminal to upload the hex file.

See http://dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/building-px4-for-linux-with-make/ for full details.

Load custom firmware shows up when you enable "advanced mode" (check menu)

Yes, you will be able to change any value, and/or import/export/compare to saved .param file.

Oh wow... I thought I read through that entire page. Funny story: I quit trying to use Linux due to some complications the tutorial didn't cover, followed the Windows page for Windows, then went back to Linux a while afterwards and successfully built the firmware using similar steps to the Windows page. Moral of the story: pretty pictures are nice.

Thank you for clarifying this! For maybe a later date, are those pages editable by the community? In other words, would I be able to contribute later on to help clarify them from a recent-newbie's viewpoint?

Thank you! This just saved me quite a few hours of work trying to figure things out on my own, as well as calibrating the UAV via Mission Planner's calibration wizard (which apparently clears all calibration values just by starting up the wizard and connecting the drone- so that all the tests must be run every time)

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