Man, 26, charged in model airplane plot to bomb Pentagon

Are there new rules on the horizon? How can we help policing UAV technology's illegal use and proliferation to wrong hands?


Man, 26, charged in model airplane plot to bomb Pentagon



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I'll save everyone some reading and sum this up:

His genius master plan involved stuffing these completely unsuitable planes with half a dozen grenades, using Google Earth for his GPS coordinates, and either a rocket motor-cellphone detonator or a "high torque servo" to pull all the pins!

I'm pretty sure these planes need a substantial dedicated runway, and plenty of flying practice.  He likely would have crashed them on takeoff -- a Darwin Award nominee, to be sure.

No doubt. I just hope the RC planes were not also bought with federal funding. Because they could have gotten the same results with a few $50 hobby king EPO models... 

Is the FBI or this Physics grad smart enough to realize that the inside of both planes is substantially dedicated to moving air - without which ...

Yeah, I'm sorry - after reading this - I mostly feel sorry for this guy - who is clearly addled, and missing any sense of scale - essentially, he believes that after a few ounces of c4 are delivered to the pentagon - (pg12) He and "CW" would be able to end the US with a few AKs?


Makes you wonder how religion affects a rational mind.

Christopher Hitchens wrote about Islam, that the problem is not that they WANT 72 virgins - but rather that they ARE virgins. (most young males don't get much in a polygamous society).



Here in the US we also compel religion (School, pledge to the under god etc); I hate to think what that does to a mind as malleable as say Rick Perry - for example...


He also bought model rockets - so there's another Industry that should probably be pre-labelled "suspicious activity".


and a cellphone don't forget.

Indeed the cellphone appears to be the only genuinely effective device in this saga.

And there goes Google 21

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