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I am building a new mapping solution, I am a searching for the right camera, I have been advised to select full frame camera like those below and also some users told me about those following inexpensive cameras:

The Sony NEX5

Canon S100 and SX260

Canon A4000is.

Sony DSC-RX100M3

also Full Frame cameras

Sony RX1R II

and Leica Q

Any recommendation? 

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  • Hi Joseph

    I am searching for the right camera despite its price but it should have a fast focusing and shutter i guess. Preferably a full frame or Asp-c sensor as it gives the best quality.
  • I'm trying to decide of an optimal inexpensive camera for a small fixed wing. And have been researching the song a series cameras. Definitely no expert and want to hear from people in using similar mirroreless in the field.

    Some drawbacks I've read about small mirroreless cameras is the small battery limits pictures. Can the a5000 take enough pictures to complete a 45-60 minute mission in a small fixed wing like the skywalker?

    I also read they aren't the fastest fcusing cameras. I imagine that could be an issue shooting from a a aircraft flying 20-30mph

    I apologize f this is a thread hijack.
    • The A6000 is the fastest in its class. Watch some youtube reviews. The Sonys can be triggered quite easy as well.

  • SONY A6000 isnt a heavy camera and has loads of functions which you dont really need for mapping. The 5100 has same megapixel and less functions. A7, A7ii etc are is a awesome camera but heavy and expensive. The RX1Rii just has a dumb price tag but compared to the MicaSense RedEdge its cheap. I been using the A6000 as i had one a friend has been using a NEX5 with good results, they can also be converted for NIR quite easy.

  • I am currently using Sony RX100 for mapping, with very good results. It is cheap (300€ for M2), light (240 gr) and allows longer flights. I also used Sony Alpha 5100, pictures are better, but for final results in Photoscan there not much improvement in orthophoto.

    In fact, unless you are doing very high resolution orthos, I found RX100 to be a very good choice in term of quality / price ratio. For the price, you can afford to get spares.

  • Hi

    It seems the Nex5 is discontinued now but i found the Sony alfa7 with full frame also at good price

    And also the sony alfa 77 with ASP-C Sensor

    What do you think?
    • @Elios

      I thought you are talking about inexpensive ;)
      My NEX5R with Sigma lense I've got for $300.

      The A7 series was too heavy for my Skywalker1900.
      For this plane even less than 450gr would be good.

      • But the Nex5R is for 750$ at amazon 

        • Ok, I got it on ebay but in perfect condition and several to select from.
          That means you can get it with the lense you are looking for.

          Stil very happy with what I got for the money.

  • Hi Elios

    I've made the step from SX260 to NEX5 early this year. I've tested a Sony A7R as well.
    The move to the NEX5 was a big win. All my shutter issues went away. Especially speed
    above 1/2000s is helpful. This solution is inexpensive and a good point to start.

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