It would be *very* sweet if Mission Planner could be compiled for Android, to run on a phone or pad, would be fantastic, and extremely useful for field-tuning.

We could connect using BT, UDP /TCP - and most newer devices do support USB host too (even if some require a miniusb-USB adapter)

Anyone knows how much work that would require, or whatever it's doable ?

(not sure about the lock-in it's based on (.net))

-  could we run it on Android using MONO ?    

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Is a WIP but all the good stuff is there.

yes, I purchased it a while ago.

The thing is it's still missing TCP/UDP , and it's missing some plane-related stuff

Unfortunately, it isn't easy to port APM planner onto Android platform, even with C/C++ via NDK.

APM planner itself is a C# source code based on windows. The source portability is very bad for Android.

So an rewrite is required. Unlike, OpenPilot's software design is good, and uses a lot of open source and also consider portability issues.

I've fixed some bugs and added in many features to Copter-GCS (the Ground Station for Android mentioned above), and released an updated version for beta testing here:


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