Dear ALL:

I am able to get 3 modes with my 3 position toggle switch but I am unable to do Program mix between 3 x 2(position sw)

Can someone guide me on this how to setup a program Mix to have my 2 poistion sw and 3 position switch to work together to get all 6 modes working.

Also - when i am using the APM planner to connect to APM, i get voltage reading of 10.2v in the display where as i am using 3S lipo which should give 11.1 + volts in reading.



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  • Hi All,

    I have Walkera DEVO F12E which I am trying to set my Arducopter to have 6 flight modes with APM planner, but I am unable to work out how to set/mix switches to give the the values APM planner needs.

    At the moment, when I flick the 3 postion MIX switch in Flight Modes I get the following

    Switch Pos                    Flight Mode                          PWM Value

    #0                                      1                                        0 -1230

    #1                                      4                                        1491 - 1620

    #2                                      6                                        1750 +

    Can anybody help with how to mix the switch settings using the 3 position Mix switch and the 2 position ELEV D/R switch?

    many thanks in advance,


  • Hi Paul,

    I have a Futaba T9CP and was able to programme 6 modes with the help from my post in the Wattflyer forum, this might be of help, here's the link :-

  • Ok, so here's my 9CAP setup for 6 modes using only one channel and a mix that does not require a second channel to be sacrificed.

    My APM channel 5 actually comes from channel 7 on the receiver... it's complicated, to do with traditional helis...  but this should work on channel 5 if you want.

    Ok, so my channel 7 endpoints are set at 70%/35%.  I can't explain why, I just arrived at this by trial and error.  Then I go into the Advanced menu, and go to Prog.Mix1.  



    SLV>AUX1 (AUX1 is Channel 7 in my heli setup.  If you are using Channel 5, I think you select GYRO.  If you have a airplane setup, maybe it's just called Ch5, or Gear or something?)


    SW>B (This could be any two position switch you want)

    POSI>UP (This could be UP or DOWN, but no NULL)

    On the second screen set:

    RATE>+ 50%

    Again, this was all determined somewhat randomly, but it works.

    Does that make any sense to anybody?  LOL

  • Paul, I have a Futaba T9CP. I can get 5 modes, but not the full 6 which is a bit of a disappointment. My current set up is:


    Ch 5->Sw-C

    Ch 6->Vr-A (for pitch control on a camera)

    Ch 7->Sw-G (for the RTL option if you want that separate, on the Configuration page in Mission Planner)

    Ch 8->Sw-D


    5 GEAR L 99% H 27%

    7 AUX 1 L 57% H 53%

    8 AUX 2 L 59% H 56%




    RATE L +60% H +15%

    OFFSET -100%

    MAS AUX2



    SW D


    This should give you 5 PPM settings to use in the Modes tab on APM setup. I currently have mine as:

    Sw C       Sw D

    Up           Up       STAB

    Middle      Up      ALT HOLD

    Down       Up       LOITER

    Up           Down   AUTO

    Middle      Down  ALT HOLD (same PPM as Middle Up, irritatingly)

    Down      Down   RTL (although you could have RTL on Ch 7 and have something else e.g. ALT HOLD plus SIMPLE

    Hope this helps, regards, Bill

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