.net app for telemetry?

I have downloaded and built the source for Mission Planner in Visual Studio and I am immediately VERY overwhelmed.  I am NOT a developer, but I can hack my way through things I want to build if I can get my hands on some example code.

SO, is there anyone out there who could provide a SIMPLE C#.net application that will allow me to plug in my 3DR Radio through USB, connect to it, and see the telemetry data coming from the quad?  Maybe just a Windows Form application with a connect button that will throw all the data into text boxes showing basics like Lat/Lon/Alt & Yaw/Pitch/Roll ?  

If i could get that, I have some other projects i am working on that could start ingesting the flight data in real-time from my 3DR radio and do some other cool stuff.

ANY help is appreciated!

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  • I just started work on this platform a couple of days ago. Would you mind share the project for the beginners (windows application to get the latitude, longitude, Altitude as shown in your comment) getting data via MAVLink which you modified the simple example from Mission Planner? That will be really helpful for the beginners like me.

    I tried to get it work on my side. Not sure why, I couldn't connect to the radio via my COM Port. Any help on this will be much appreciated. 

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ok, so i have something working now that pulls in attitude information.  It is a simple C# Forms app that i have modified from the Simple_Example that comes with the Mission Planner source.  It works, BUT (and here is the kicker for me), to get this to work I first have to start Mission Planner, connect to my IRIS+, then disconnect Mission Planner.  Only after this can I open my app and start having any data stream into it.  SO, my question is what do i need to add to my app to avoid the dependency of having to start Mission Planner/Connect/Disconnect each time i plug my drone battery in and try to connect to my C# application?

    I have looked all through the Mission Planner code and i thought i had found out what i needed to do, but i could never get it to work.

    Any ideas?

    I thought it would be something similar to this from the Mission Planner code, but i couldnt quite get this to work in my app and i am not even sure if this is what i need to do:

    void getDatastream(MAVLink.MAV_DATA_STREAM id, byte hzrate)
    mavlink_request_data_stream_t req = new mavlink_request_data_stream_t();
    req.target_system = MAV.sysid;
    req.target_component = MAV.compid;

    req.req_message_rate = hzrate;
    req.start_stop = 1; // start
    req.req_stream_id = (byte) id; // id

    // send each one twice.
    generatePacket((byte) MAVLINK_MSG_ID.REQUEST_DATA_STREAM, req);
    generatePacket((byte) MAVLINK_MSG_ID.REQUEST_DATA_STREAM, req);

    I would really love some help on this, it seems to be the only thing holding me up at this point.

    You can see the 'Simple_Example' app that i am basing my existing code on here:


  • I would ideally just need something really dirt simple like this:


    I know the COM port and the baud rate to use and can open a standard serial connection to my radio, but its all gibberish.  I know i need some libraries that Mission Planner uses to decode and parse out the data, but i have NO IDEA how to get started with that.  

    I just have no idea how to get started with this.  Any help would be really appreciated!!!  I can navigate around in Visual Studio well enough to get by, but after spending most of today falling all over the code with the full Mission Planner, i am just about ready to give up hope.

    I think a simple example like this could be pretty beneficial for the rest of the community as well.  There are probably quite a few people in my same situation (i.e. would like to tinker, but are not seasoned programmers or VS experts).

    Again, I would really appreciate any help.  Thanks!

  • Unless you are completely locked in with. Net and the windows world, take a look at Mavproxy, it can easily be used to make Mavlink readable to a lot of other... Purposes.
    • I have a simple serial application that will allow me to connect to the 3DR telemetry radio.  It works, but what i am spitting out to a big text box is all garbage.  I need to convert this to usable numbers so i can poll at some interval and retrieve position, attitute, etc.  Any idea how i can get to that point?  I have looked through the Mission Planner application but it is way over my head at this point.  I need something much simpler to look at and start with.

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