• Dear all Dragonlink V3 user.

    Could you please enlight me on the questions below:

    1. I'm aware that DL V3 telemetry will be able to connect to Mission Planner, but can I use full telemetry command via DL V3?
    2. I will need all ch available to control the uav using joy stick on the ground. Will it allow RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE on all channel available or only 8 ch via Telemetry? 
    3. If no.2 were possible, can I set certain value on one channel using RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE when the telemetry connection is broken for certain time? It is require to set the Failsafe in APM:Copter.
    Thanks in advance.
  • hello
    I recived the new dragonlink V3 with the new telemetry function.
    Does somebody know, how can i connect the apm flight controller telemetry with the mini rf Modul ?
    From my apm i have the wires GND, RX,TX,STATE where can i connect them to the dragonlink rf Modul, that i can communicate from missionplanner to the Flightcontroller?
  • Developer
    It's 433MHz radio,link like OpenLRS. It's nothing different just made by others. You can apparently get 40km on the OpenLRS system as well.
    • Click the link. It's an all new system. Telemetry that connects to mission planner too. Not just uhf.
      • I just ordered a DragonLink V3 System. Solves two Problems for me at once. I am really looking forward to test it out.

        Looks like nobody else on DIY.Drones noticed the new System and it´s possibillities.

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