So is there any test code for obstacle avoidance posted online?  I would like to have something to start with but I am unable to find any code.  Any help?

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There is lots of code for obstacle avoidance online.. particularly for arduino, have a look at stuff jose julio has done with arducopter many months ago

Currently ArduCopter main code only supports bottom Sonar for low level altitude hold. You could say that this is some level of bottom "obstacle avoidance". Nothing horizontal isn't ready yet. Yes Jose from our had IR based horizontal avoidance on our old ArduCopter NG based code bases.


When ArduCopter 2 will have it?? it's still hard to say.  Any volunteers to start working with it??

Actually, my senior design team is trying to code this for ArduCopter 2.  We're only about a week into the coding but hopefully we will have some results in a couple of months.

Hi Steven,


Currently I am (almost) done with adding four IR sensors on my quad. It is running on an old code (ArduPirates) though, so it doesn't operate autonomously. Are you guys doing it for a final year design project?




Yeah we are... We're using the new ArduCopter code..  Do you mind sharing?

...not until 2.1, I hope. Let's get a stable and finalized 2.0 before adding new features ;)

Hi I am trying to add MaxBotix ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance as well. Did you come up with any results??

Sonars are not the best for that especially is you plan to use them on horizontal level. Propellers are creating a lot of noise that sonar sees if you try to point them forward/side. IR is better for horizontal but then there is a problem with size of the IR beams.

Thank you very much for your quick reply!! 

My main objective is to add sonars and show some results to my Professor at the uni. he wants to see the problems and then find an appropriate solution

Could you please guide me on how to proceed with adding sonars. ( even if they cause problems)

Which code base to use and where to add this code.

If you have implemented it, is it possible for you to share it. 

in terms of sensors will you be using optical flow for this?? or will you be using other types of sensors? if so I would recommend Parallax Laser Range Finder . integration should not be too complicated is this a possibility if not how come?

Actually, yes, I do have results.  We now have a fully autonomous quad that has obstacle avoidance.  Send a command to go forward (any distance) and the MAV avoids all obstacles while locating to the desired coordinates.  We used Sharp long range IR sensors and the Parrot AR Drone.

Sounds similar what we used long time ago on first ArduCopters. Jose and others even made quadcopter tennis with those sensors. But we also saw on same time that they are not as reliable as we would like them to be so project has been on semi-ice since those days. 

Small clip from Joses and our original ArduCopter code.

Enjoy it :)

Especially check from 1:05 on video... It's ping pong time.

Steven, I would really interested to hear your results with AR Drone.

And btw Jose is still working on main ArduCopter/ArduPilot project. He's hands are on all those great libraries that we are using on APM1 and APM2 codes.  Kudos.

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