OCTO Copter Flips right after takeoff

hi All,

i've built my OCTO from scratch. all ESC's are soldered, no bullet connectors.

it has been flying great and is tuned in a very good way. i was enjoying it so much
until one time it decided to "Flip" just after takeoff,  i didn't change any settings between the crash and the previous flight.

you can check the first flip in the log file 65. i fixed everything and did more than 4 flights everything seemed to be fine. until today, i did the first flight and it was great. everything was working very good.
on flight #2 it flipped directly after takeoff landing on its back !!!!! "log file 75"

the flip is the same in both cases, and flips on the same side. note that engines and ESCs are very good and i tested them they are working very good.

please if there is someone there who can help me analyze the two log files to see what the cause of the problem is since it is really bad !!!

besides i have the video from crash #2 i can upload if that helps

thank you for the help


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  • I too have had this happen while setting up a brand new jDrones Hexa.

    Have done many successful flights setting the Stabilise P correctly, and then without warning it flipped to more than 45deg but high enough that I could correct it.

    2 flights later it did the same, but closer to the ground. Only a couple of cracked legs thankfully.

    I will be interested to hear the outcome of this as I have found quite a few other references to this happening in the forums as I try to investigate further what might be the cause.

  • Question : even if the OCTO looses an engine during flight it should not flip in case i'm flying in stabilize mode right?
    at least that's what i know !!!!
    correct me if im wrong

  • Please switch places of motor / esc of the "flipping" side to another position and try hand held. Perhaps you are able to find out which component is faulty / is it faulty.

    Testing hand held reduces damage as well.

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