I crashed my Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone and it landed upside down. It was a good distance from me, so I laid the controller down and ran towards the drone. When I got to it, I realized it was still running. I assumed it had turned off automatically. I picked it up and it attempted to fly but as I held it, it was shaking badly. When I got back to the controller, I turned the drone off. I realized then I had a broken propeller. I took it in the house and replace the propeller. I then took it back outside to fly again and when it started, one of the motors would only "twitch." I assumed then that I had burned out that motor. I ordered one and replaced it. Same thing. By surfing YouTube, I learned about the ESC board (the circuit board next to each motor). So, I have ordered one to replace for that motor.

Does this indeed sound like what's wrong with it? I hate to buy piece by piece until I find the problem. Any one else had a similar problem?


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One of the 3 wires between the ESC and motor has become disconnected.

Thank you, iskess!  I will look Tuesday, when I return to work (where my drone is because my oldest brother is doing the repairs).  Although I've ordered a new ESC, it would make me HAPPY if it's just a loose wire.  Thanks for your reply!

In my case it was the ESC board, the one next to the motor. I confirmed this by swapping the motors over and the stuttering still continued in the same spot.

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