Quad goes to full throttle when selecting height hold or loiter (Love that phrase)

I am on the latest code and have managed to mix my Hitec tx with two channels to give me at least five flight modes.


Hovering in Stable mode is fine but when I select height hold or loiter, the qaud flies aggresivly off at an angle as though it needs to go somewhere fast.


I now hold it in my hand and when I select these modes, all motors seem to go to to full throttle.


Does anyone have any idea what the problem is.  I have only altered the PIDs for stable mode and haven't touched anything else.


I know that this stuff is early beta but I'm sure that the team wouldn't release the code if this were a known issue.


BTW - comiserations to the guy who lost his quad in the last few days due to issues with the latest code.  I imagine that it just flew away out of control......






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yesterday when i flying in the garden and switched to loiter or altitude hold my quad goes full throttle.

when i switched to stabilize i put minimum throttle and then que quad rise to fast and fliped


then i put throttle and the quad started oscilate and touch the ground.


Soo, i think the beta have some isues in the altitude code.


Another question is:

i think that like other platforms, the ACM need a minimum throttle when armed so it can stabilize when the user put min throttle.


sorry for my poor english.

" I have only altered the PIDs for stable mode and haven't touched anything else."

That will be a problem. The altitude PIDs will need tuning as well based on your quad's weight and power...


I had problems with altitude sensor,difficult to control the quad More than 2 meters  amplitude the altimeter PID was P 0.4  D 0.2

NOW P=0.8  D=0.05 my quad (a small quad) seems to be more controlable in alt and loiter modes,but in alt control position ,the throttle stick still have no action????

may be it will help you




Could you share how you set up your HiTec? I have a an Optic6 and want to use it for my quad. I will have no GPS or Mag. to start.

John, two questions:

1. When you talk about the altitude PID, is it in this list somewhere?

2.  Do you know if there's there a complete list of all the PIDs and what they do?  I've looked in various places such as here but I can't see anything comprehensive.


I'm not really qualified to answer as my Quad kit is in the mail from Jdrones, but I suspect that the Baro throttle PID and Sonar Throttle PID values are for altitude hold.  If your doing altitude hold with just the GPS sensor altitude and don't have either the sonar or Baro sensor then maybe you need a different mode ot to turn the gains down to zero. There are other variables that might be of interest :


Looking at the altitude hold code... it looks like it uses the sonar constants if not in baro altitude mode.

It also looks like BARO altitude mode might be forced to always be true.

There is also a #define HIL_MODE  (hardware in loop?) that forces it to use GPS altitude.

I had reasonably good luck using GPS altitude mode in my helicopters and rockets,

I wonder why the folks working on this code choose to ignore GPS?



Hi Brent


I used this thread to set up the channel mixing on my Hitec - The most I can manage is 5.  Let me know if you get 6 :)







It's very simple to get 6 modes with Hitec. Just use a mixer without mixing rate, only offset setting.


Finding this took me about five minutes, two days after buying an Aurora 9. The touch screen is really helpfull to experiment such things.


Here is how for Hitec Aurora 9 : (it's a scoop as i didn't see this tip elsewhere on Internet) :


1) Define channel 5 as Aux 1 channel with a three position switch like E


2) Adjust the CH5 (Aux1) subtrim to something like -20 (subtrim inside menus)


3) take a free mixer, and set it like this :


source channel : nothing

destination channel : AUX1

Rate : 0%

OFfset : +45%

ACC : 0 %


Mixer Switch : assign a 2 positions switch like G.


3) Eventually adjust a bit those value, checking with the radio test in the CLI, then Enjoy your 6 modes.


You need to be near those values :


1165    pos0

1295    pos1

1425    pos2

1555    pos3 -> default for no PWM signal (usefull with Aurora 25 secondes second failsafe)

1685    pos4

1815    pos5


The very nice thing with Hitec is that you don't waste a receiver channel. The mix is done internaly in the tranmitter.



i started a issue about altitude hold .


I think that sensor.pde have a big problem in the barometer altitude formula but jason say that its correct.


The strange is that when i modified the sensor.pde of my arducopter i can fly with altitude hold vary solid.

Your right, those are for alt hold. 

We've found that for many folks, GPS can drift by substantial amounts. It's also very latent compared to a barometric sensor. We've been really happy with the sensor even though it's fairly noisy. 


I have been running latest 2.05 code and playing with altitude hold. I have noticed that sonar sensor mismount (if not down far enough in right location seems like it picks uo phony leg or battery reflections) causes copter to shoot upward very rapidly. Once I got it mounted right, altitude hold with sonar is not terrible but it tends to bounce up and down sometimes as much as a foot (same setup with old ardupirates code was +- an inch). I will play with sonar PID.

Many thanks to Jason for the hard work and cool code.  Is there a way to get altitude hold while in simple mode?  It is great fun to zoom over rolling ground at a couple feet hi, and I would love to get a video of that while twirling!   This thing is too much fun.

Hello would you be willing to send your Aurora-9 ArduCopter settings that if you have a HPP-22 then i can just down load your sttings to my Aurora-9 if you can please send to my email address tomrink550@comcast.net thank you  Tom

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