Scripting using SendRC in Mission Planner

Hi everyone, 

I am working on a touchscreen interface with button that I can use to change the PWM outputs in Mission Planner. I also want my switches on my controller to have the same function. I currently have the controller working and changing the colours of the touchscreen buttons when I move the switch positions.

However, I need to use the 'chxin' and 'chxout' to (I would look for a change on the chxin value, which tells me a switch on the controller has changed position, and write the RC Output accordingly). Alternatively, I would write the output according to the touchscreen button inputs if a change is detected on the touchscreen.

My problem is that the Script.SendRC function sets the value of chxin, rather than chxout as it says here:

Does anyone know how I can edit the SendRC function within Mission Planner so that it will only write to the 'chxout' variable and not the 'chxin'.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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