I'm in the process of trying to balance my props, but I notice that if I simply loosen and retighten the balancer, it changes which side appears heavier.  (this happens on every prop)

This is what I'm using:


Can anyone with experience balancing props help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?  Really hoping to get rid of the jello in my videos.

Thank you

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Try flipping one end, so that it's flat. The prop does not need to absolutely perfectly balanced.

These balancers are often not perfectly in balance themselves and the shaft tips not perfectly centered. I used the conical purple pieces but put onto my own turned-up shaft with very sharp ends. Now a 1cm piece of sellotape will change the balance.

If you have a long bolt or threaded rod with the same thread you can make your own with a power drill and grinding wheel.

For neatness I have also on occasion, used a light dusting of clear spraypaint from a can to add weight to the light blade but one just must wait for the solvent to evaporate completely.

Glad you started this discussion. I have a similar kind of balancer from Top Flite. I haven't noticed a problem with my props, but some others have as you can read in the Customer Reviews. Most frequent failure points appear to be the as-manufactured or as-delivered condition of the metal shaft, or of the plastic hubs/cones. Perhaps some have purchased older units, or I have just been more fortunate.

Hi JB3,

I have a pretty hard opinion on these prop balancers : they are useless! I also tried a few models and the fact is that they are themselves unbalanced and are unable to systematically provide the same balancing results for a given prop. Indeed either the axle is not prefectly straight, or the cones are themselves unbalanced and as they screw on you can never be sure which way it is heavier or lighter (otherwise we could eventually correct it), and then your surface is probably not horizontal.

I pretty much have shown that for a given prop you can derive two contradictory conclusions on which side is heavier than the other...

So please, do not waste your money buying these balancers, but rather spend a little bit more on good paired & pre-balanced props from XOAR for example (there are so many other good brands but I only tried XOAR for pre-balanced pairs of props).

Thanks guys.  I greatly appreciate all the responses.  I'll examine the balancer itself to see if it's balanced.  Perhaps I can mark the heavy side of the cone and mount the prop the same way every time.

I've also been reading that the motors can vibrate, but I'm not sure where to begin fixing that one yet.

I checked both threaded cones to see where they were the heaviest and marked the side, then I aligned both sides with the prop when I tightened it down.  (so the prop is now perpendicular to the heavy mark on the cones)

After 2 hours of sanding and playing with the balancer the quad still shakes too much to get good video.  Where are you guys buying pre-balanced props from, and how are you making them fit 3DR motors?

Thank you,


Joe, I have also tried to chase down vibration in video with some success. It only works with a combination of balancing and isolation. I like RCExplorer's way of isolating the camera from the frame but I have also used moongel to separate the two. Some of the prop adapters on some of the motors we use are terribly out of balance, the motors too are often unbalanced. Another method I've used is after balancing the prop, to rotate the prop 45° at a time on the adaptor and run that motor alone, if it's still vibrates rotate another 45°, etc.

Check this prop balancer.


I also use APC props.

I recently upgraded from a normal "friction" type balancer to one of these magnetic models. They work absolutely fantastic. 

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