Hi everyone,

My quad was flying amazingly, loiter, rth with landing, alt hold and stab when I finally decided to try auto mode creating 4 waypoints with land in the end, until the fourth waypoint everything was going perfectly until just after it went to waypoint 4 it suddenly pointed down and crashed from about 15 meters, the disaster wasnt worse because it was grass but anyway broke two legs and 3 props until now as I could saw. attached are tlog and rlog from the moment, I could also get the waypoint plan from the board I did before crash which is bellow.

The waypoint mission I was start at about 98% of the log files.

Ps: I first thought it could be the prop broken in mid air but it was not as there is no prop without two blades and I already broke one blade in the air and could land calm.

Another think I thought it could be but I cant anallyze the logs for it is I think the board could get loose in mid air but I cant confirm it as the impact was enought to bring it loose anyways.

Here is the pic from the waypoint plan I did, Please help me find it out guys, my quad was flying amazingly until waypoint 4.


Today 26/08 I attached the dataflash log

2013-08-17 17-07-33.rlog

2013-08-17 17-07-33.tlog

2013-08-19 19-57 16.log

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  • Bill, Wessie, Dr0n3droid and others, please take a look.

    I attached a log file called 2013-08-19 19-57 16.log which I trully believe is the dataflash log file from the moment of the crash, I made the mistake telling it was cleared because the crash happened 17th and I downloaded the file 19th and the file won the name of the day I downloaded it. 

  • You say that you broke two legs & 3 props. Now, after the crash alt.hold/loiter are all over the place. I'm guessing vibrations.
    Enable IMU in the logs, check it out. Three props in one crash, could you have bent a motor shaft?
  • Developer

    You are running with a really low Vcc reading*. And you have two brownouts in your TLOG. I suspect your main battery was running out of power. Battery and Current monitoring really are a must. You can see the two straight diagonal lines which are indicative of a brownout. Get a UBEC that outputs 5.5V and you will get much better results (or the Power Module for even better results)

    *Vcc should be 4.75V and above


  • Hi, Had a look at your Tlog.

    Impressed with the RTL's and the guided flight. nicely done.
    I have a suspicion what went wrong with the main mission, but I would like to look at your dataflash log please before I make my mind up. Please post it.

  • Check the ESC cutoff. They should be set for Nicad.

    One (or more) could be in Lipo perhaps. Just something to double check.

  • Hello,

    From my side, I use a kind DJI F550 frame. Currently AMP2.5 card is placed on supply circuit ESC. Maybe it disrupts the system.

    I start moving the control board to place above the frame I think to test this weekend, I would return results.


  • Its to do with Compassmot I have 330% at full throttle u need to move ur APM board higher or get external Compass!

  • Last week there was considerable sunspot maxima activity. Many DJI users lost control as the model dropped out of GPS mode and headed off somewhere unexpected. It was less apparent on the V2 GPS module but strange things were happening. 

  • Hello,

    I met with the same problem last weekend.
    When switching to auto mode the copter performs the mission set, but as it descends at every waypoints and finaly it crash.

    I'm trying to retrieve the log.

  • Any help guys?

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