Utilizing RC Jet Engines for Quad - Thrust Vectoring, Sperate Out Yaw component

I was looking through the source code for Arducopter and am having trouble understanding which modules I should be focusing in on. I am trying to separate out the Yaw component of the motor throttling in the code. I am pursuing this because I am attempting to create a 'Quadcopter' utilizing thrust vectoring on some RC Jet engines. I want to achieve the thrust vectoring using some clamshell like mechanisms to vary downward thrust, and to give a side component to impact yaw. This is necessary due to the slow response time of jet engine spool up / spool down as compared to small electric motors. I also see this as an opportunity for very heavy lift applications (pay load, etc.). See picture below:

I am trying to accomplish this using 4 engines in an 'X' configuration and want to use the Arducopter open source to achieve my objectives. I would be willing to pay someone for help in ironing out the code, as I may be in too far over my head. Any 'free' advice would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your wisdom.


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I have done multiple trade studies utilizing multiple EDF fans (Dr. Mad Thrust) and even looked at designing my own large turbines utilizing traditional gas engines. However, flight time with the EDF fans (2-3 minutes) and weight of the engines (80lbs each) doesn't allow me to achieve my objectives (craft <250 lbs and 30 minute flight time).


Anyone consider helping???

I've just purchased three 22 pound thrust turbines/weight 3 pounds, for this very purpose. Did you make any progress? Your proposed solution to the slow response time is sound.

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