Where To Buy Pixhawk

I bought my original at 3dr and now it says out of stock.  Should I buy a fake?  I dont want to. lol!

I want to get the controller and the GPS and all the goodies.

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  • If anyone wants a Pixracer, I got one from Jordi's shop:


    The shipping for me in California was less that 24 hours, and his customer support has been superb.  I wanted to order something from the US, and it's paid off.  Happy to support local business, and especially one owned by an enthusiast who has already given so much to our community.

  • You can get one on Amazon

  • 100KM


  • 100KM

    Chris, reveal already! Or did I miss it.. :)

  • I didn't get it to fly.  It won't arm anymore.  I think I am using a power module, can't remember, I haven't used it in a while.

    Steve Kurywchak said:

    Hi Rob,

      How did the 250 fly with a bad IMU using the PixFalcon.?  I have used every board from APM to the PixRacer and cannot get the Hobbyking PixFalcon to lift off without eventually flipping back wards.  Are you using a power module to power the board?  I am using two wires to connect to the PM ,  5V and ground.  We can't power the servo rail, as I am used to doing with all the other boards, also there is no ground connections to the ESCs'.  Any thought you can share? 



  • 100KM

    I don't think I can but I'll try!! :) Way to set the stage !

  • 3D Robotics

    If you can wait till Wed, all will be revealed ;-)

  • 100KM

    Very happy about the much improved power module! The rest looks the same as what's on the Holybro PF or am I mistaken? Oh and what's a CAN bus good for on an AP?

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