Agriculture Decision Support System

We have built a comprehensive online dashboard for farmers who not only gather data from drones, but would also like to see those data in conjunction with other very important factors such as current precipitation, wind, temperature and its comparison with historical data and lot more. We believe its going to be one of the most advanced and accurate agriculture dashboard ever built.

I am seeking early adopters from drone community here. Below is a form for submitting your request. Its slightly long form but this would ensure we engage with right early adopter at this point who can participate and provide us feedback as we rollout our product for general availability.

Thank you so much for your interest.

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  • Based on early feedback from folks on this community and beyond we have made our solution available for free public trial, please visit and sign-up to try out our beta.

    Our focus is entirely on the agriculture data, so you would see lot of useful things which you may not find on other general purpose dashboards.

  • As requested by some of the folks in the forum here is quick bare bone example of various data points we bring together alongside satellite and drone data to make it more meaningful for farmers.

    Given the location  (lat/lon) of a field, we can bring following things in single click

    1- Historical & forecast weather info (temperature, wind, clouds, precipitation, etc..)

    2- Growing degree days for particular crops, which can help you know what crop growth should be and where it is (on imagery)

    3- P/PET ratio to show if crops are water stressed. (currently does not take into account local irrigation)

    4- Soil composition at your location (currently does not take into account local soil nutrient application)

    5- When NDVI /Ortho is attached (uploaded by user), on click of button they will be displayed on the base satellite map , you can zoom in for details and see it in reference with other part of the map.

    We are going to convert this into personalized dashboard for farmers, where they can manage their imagery files, see more granular data, set alerts, and so on. Would really appreciate your feedback. Many of you might not have got access to your beta invite but we are quickly getting there, we got tremendous interest from the community and we are getting there. If you have not already signed-up to try this out, below is the link.

    Thanks again

    • Looks like our link above is getting too many hits (shared with too many folks) and showing error out for few folks! We will increase server capacity and repost again here when things looks better. Good problem to solve....

  • Similar system is being developed in Slovakia, unfortunatelly info available only in Slovak at the moment :

    It's more vine oriented though..

  • Hi, the idea sounds interesting, but there is not much of information on the link above, could you explain in more detail what is this about? thanks in advance

    • Hi Jose, thank you for showing interest. Here is some more details or thinking behind this new solution. Most of us here are using drones  for imagery and creating NDVI/IR/RGB etc with a goal to improve yield by being able to identify areas which are not growing properly or have some potential problems. 

      But there are several factors which impacts farmlands and when we put these together in meaningful way, it would create much holistic experience for farmer. E.g. while today's imagery can tell you what has happened, our dashboard will be able to tell you (based on historic data from various sources) what might happen tomorrow. e.g. is it going to be a drier spell than last year... based on agronomic data, we may also be able to tell you growth stage of your crop using GDD data. All this when combined with drone imagery provides farmer holistic look into his fields. From GDD we can tell you what stage of your crop should be, and using drone imagery you can cross verify the situation and take corrective action if needed.

      Eventually we will be able to take drone imagery data into our prediction algorithms and become more prescriptive and precise. Hope it makes some sense. If interested do sign-up for beta. Its free to try (if shortlisted).

    • I think this is a good thing, being able to predict future growth or conditions should be a win for farmers.

  • Hi can we see the online dashboard? do you have a link?



    • Thanks Marco. We are showing early dashboard to those who are going to sign-up for beta. Please do sign-up using above link (if not already)

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