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Hello. Thank you for this great app! Is there a way to change the LoiterT loiter time in Andropilot? When I change the waypoint to loitert it defaults to 0.0 seconds and I can't find anywhere to change it. Sorry if this has been covered and I understand it is still beta. Also, the app seems to be crashing quite a bit when I edit waypoints, but it looks like this is now a known issue.  Again, thank you!

Not yet - I'll add an option to set the loiter time soon.

Also - any crashes while editing waypoints should be already fixed in version 1.0 or later.  Please try that version and if you see a crash, reply to this post with the time of the crash in UTC - so I can look it up in google's records.

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  • Developer

    okay - I've put up a quick but slightly crufty fix for this:

    # 1.0.03
    * Ouch - 0.2.01 introduced a nasty crash which would occur the _second_ time the parameters list was two screens away from the current screen.
    This release is a quick patch to fix that problem. However, there is still a problem that sometimes the parameter screen can show up blank.
    Until I fix this more minor problem, just rotate the tablet and the parameters screen will be okay.

  • Crash at 02:06:15UTC.   App version 1.0.02

    I was switching between HUD screen and Waypoint screen. Device is Nexus 7.  This crash can be replicated. Not sure if a crash report was generated as it didn't ask to submit one like my galaxy s3 does.  I will try the same action on my gs3. 

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