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Thank you Y6b problem solved

I've been battling my new 3DR Y6B for 2 days. One motor wouldn't start up. Found that problem, I had the wire from the ESC plugged in upside down. Now that motor was working, but another motor was dead !!!

I remembered reading somewhere on this forum,

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Y6A to Y6B is it as easy

If i understand this correctly, the difference in the 3dr Y6A vs Y6B is the rear arm top motor spins opposite of the two front arms and lowers are reversed. When the B configuration came out it spins the all the props on top one direction (CW) while

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880kv motor issue

I am in need of replacing two motors on the Y6 and was concerned about a few things.

3DR's shipping for spares is very frustrating every order I placed with them this summer has taken 3 weeks. Kind of moot right now they are currently out of stock.

I f

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Power Distribution Board Question

I dropped this the other day and after changing the prop the lower motor stopped working at power, it would spin erratically.

After getting it appart I noticed a couple things the pins on the back of the board had been pushed together and some were co

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Sudden loss of power

My wife wanted to take a look at the ceiling of my house, and I figured this would be a good job for the Y6, especially considering that I had just finished installing the STorM32 controller on my DYS gimbal.  So, I took off, changed into LOITER mode

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Canopy for Y6?


I'm about to start building a Y6 using a 3DR frame kit and the Pixhawk/Power System from my Tarot FY680. Please excuse the trivial question - has anyone come across a canopy that will fit (or can be modified to fit) a 3DR Y6?

I know that 3DR don't

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