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I have recently started with my Ardu Copter. The build is complete, the setup with my radio (Spekrum DX7) is done (on fixed wing mode), my ESC's are calibrated. No connection problems and all seems ready to go. On doing the initial hand test before flying, the copter seems to want to tip over. If I balance it carefully by holding it, it starts oscillating wildly. The props are all on correctly and the motors are spinning in the right direction. I am really at a loss for answers at this stage. Anybody have an idea or two of how I can get the copter to stabilize?

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    If your quad stays nicely hover (on hand) when using lower RPMs on engines and you are not moving it at all. You can even give a lot throttle to keep it level but if it starts immediately oscillate when you move it on some direction, your quad is X mode and your frame is + so check it. 


    Also check your power PCB cables, there seemed to be a incorrect pictures on our wiki pages. You can try this by swapping your ESC cables in way of left->right, right->left and front->rear, rear->front.


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    I use the CLI to setup my quads. Try it as an alternative to the Mission Planner.


    Two tests in the CLI are critical. the radio test - look for low (under 50 ) or 0 values for channels 1 - 4

    the IMU test should output low vales at level. Angles are usually * 100.

  • It happens to me occasionally, I reload the forward and go through setup again and then it works. Always check your radio outputs in the amp after loafing firmware, you have to connect and check the rado view in raw sensors, arm the motors (props off!) then move the controls and confirm the outputs to the motors are working properly.
  • Make sure that you configured the correct frame, either + or x configuration, whichever you are using. You can check this using the CLI. Also, make sure that the APM is pointed in the right orientation with respect to the frame you are using.
  • Hello. Have you read the troubleshooting guide ? 
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