Hello all my first test flight with the ardupilot on a hex + frame was a disaster but to my problem,

when i goto cli setup motors when the front and back motor works on the pitch stick but when i try the roll stick left or right no motors work at all?

my motor connection are being motor 1 at thr front moving clockwise is:

motor 1 to pinout pos 1

motor 2 to pinout pos 4

motor 3 to pinout pos 8

motor 4 to pinout pos 2

motor 5 to pinout pos 3

motor 6 to pinout pos 7

This setup worked fine on the old kk board.

any help would be much appreciated.

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  • 3D Robotics

    Did you set + vs X in the setup? And have you checked motor rotation direction?

    I don't know about the Motors commands with hexas. I only fly quads. Maybe somebody else can help you there.

  • Hi Marc,
    Could you please share with the forum a bit more detail of your configuration. Btw I have to admit I too am puzzled by the behaviour ur describe ...
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