Pixhawk firmware 3.2.rc3 Hexacopter X

Hi there,

I have bought a tarot 680 pro (hexacopter), pixhawk and r70008 futaba receiver.

So the firmware compatible to my hardware is hexacopter X Arducopter 3.2.

After connecting all device, i calibrate the radio, compass, mag, esc, etc. Everything is ok. Test the motor and the rotation (ok).

However when i test without props in stabilize mode i have a problem. The values send to the escs are very unstable. Only change the throttle the values are very different (radio 1= 1120, radio 2= 1310). I believe the controller dont generate the motors values correctly. 

When i test with props i cant fly (only crash without damage).

Anyone have this problem? i have change the pid, calibration again, fix the controller, 

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  • i have this problem


    is the same.

    The solution is Inflight-Calibration?

    • What happens when you lift off and give right or left input?  Is you radio configured correctly.  I say this as my Spektrum was configured to when I pushed stick forward it flew backwards, and when I gave left input it went to the right.  I corrected the problem by reversing radio controls.  Not sure this is what is going on with your UAV but it's worth checking.

  • ok. I tested the motor everything is ok. However when i change the PID the values is more stable. I believe is necessary new values for PID.

    However i tested the direction of the motor again.


    Thanks a lot

  • Did you calibrate the ESCs? If you didn't, you should do that first.

    • yes. The are corrected calibrated. The values generated by the controller are wrong. For example i test the hexcopter without props. I have armed the system and analyse the values in the main out. When i try to take off (only throttle) the rotation for each motor are different (i cant take off, crash) without wind and the platform are very stable. 

    • The values you see does not mean much, it could be your hexa was not level at that time, these number should change when you move the hexa since it tries to compensate to make it level. As per Frank said try to recheck  your APM board and motors direction.

    • Check that the APM board is facing the right way and that the motors are plugged into the right outputs.  It can't hurt to do an gyro/accel. calibration to establish level, and don't get right and left confused.  Also, if you had a huge amount of vibration, that would present a challenge for the imu.  (That'll be 2 cents, please).

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