Position Hold wont stay in position

I have been using stabilize, wanted to try position hold to see if it will at least stay in my back yard and it wont, it drifts off almost hitting fences and plants.

I know the GPS works well because I fly it waypoints a lot and it works well.

Any reason it wont hold position?

GPS both lights blue.

I can see it moving on its own trying to stay in position, but it wont.


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  • I ended up on this thread researching why my setup was drifting in Position Hold mode. I am using QGroundControl Station (QGCS) not Mission Planner and I had done all the sensor setups etc... all greeen on sensors and config... first flight and it flew well and had good GPS lock and HDOP and Posision Hold would drift slowly back and left... hmmm... Went back in and hooked it up to QGCS and did all sorts of checks to see what I could see wrong. Compass calibration had gone well. Maybe I had my orientation incorrect for the external compass in the GPS module above. I thought maybe it was roll_180 so I set it to that and recalibrated the compasses and went for a fly... HUGE toilet bowl then... roll 180 is not right. Put it back and did more investigation. Looking at the orientation QGCS said it was in compared to what the map image was saying vs what it was actually oriented and I noticed things were off a few degrees... so the compass was close... 

    Then it dawned on me... declination... where I was there is about 11 degrees declination... so thats when I noticed how declination is done in QGCS vs Mission Planner. In QGCS it is left at auto and gets it from a lookup based on the GPS location. What I missed was that the auto declination value is stored on disarm... I had never flown AFTER a disarm.... I had been changing things and restoring things and then doing one test flight and things were not right so I was going back and resetting and trying something different.... the answer was fly, land, disarm, fly again and see how it behaves...

    Yup... Position Hold was rock solid now. All I needed to do was let it get GPS for declination and DISARM to store the value... then it was good. 

    So make sure you arm, fly, disarm, arm, fly again....


  • Did you mean Position Hold or Altitude Hold?

    I already try Position Hold. It doesn't work for my quad too.

    Maybe that was a problem for original CLI from MP.

    But Altitude Hold work well for me.

  • 3D Robotics

    What code/frame/GPS are you using? And are you using the default params?

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