Project Help?

Hi! I'm new to ArduCopter and I really want to use it for my HS project.

My Project:

Focus on motion tracking using a GPS-IMU fusion method. Place a GPS on say a helmet and then have a person put it on and walk/run around a football field. The GPS would track the person's movements and convert it into data, but it wouldn't be very smooth from Point A to Point B. I plan to correct that by implementing an IMU to obtain all the values in between and then reset my starting position to gather new data. I would then like to process that data so that it makes a servo attached to a camera to track the person. My question starts with how would I jump start this project? I know that UAV's use a combination of GPS and dead reckoning systems to check for errors and think this kind of system is perfect for what I need. So any ideas?


After some responses I have decided on using ArduCopter. I'm thinking of buying the ArduMega Kit with the magnetometer along with the Telemetry kit so I can take the APM to use as the tracker and using telemetry I would be able to make the camera move from the data transmitted. My question is there anything else I need and any ideas on further development of this project?  Is that too expensive and could I make the boards myself at a cheaper price?


Can I use the APM Planner for tracking without me using a copter and where can I find example code in the future for if I do use this approach?   

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