Simple Mode howto

Been testing Simple mode in our indoor arena.


I assumed that it will take the position and heading when you switched on the quad as "home"


I fly around, and then enter alt_Hold in front of me with the Quad facing "tail in".

When I switch to simple mode, how does the quad know where im standing in relation to it, so that "forward" is indeed forward?


My results so far have been that the directions have been rotated, so that when I press forward, it goes left, left is back and so on. This would indicate that it thinks i'm standing in a relative position which i am not.


Is there a way to set it to "current heading = forward" ?






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  • Developer

    To be more accurate,  Heading is saved when you "Arm" the copter. You can disarm and arm again to set a new heading.


  • 3D Robotics
    Wessie: "Forward" is set at bootup time on the ground. Whatever direction the copter is facing before it takes off is "forward", so just orient it the way you want and reset the board to set that.
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