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     I wanna buy one suitable camera gimbal for my quadcopter and it has to support by the APM2.5. I found some of the gimbals but those are well suit with the DJI controllers but I don't have any DJI controllers. SO please help me to find out some good Gimbals for mt Quad-copter and it has to suit with APM2.5.


Ravi Kishore MV

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Anything but DJI will work with APM with separate stabilizer or using the APM for stabilization (with brushless controller if applicable).


The apm cannot control anything but a simple servo gimbal.

If you want a proper gimbal you will need one with an external controller

Yes, but ALL gimbals are servo controlled in one way or another.

What this means, is for a brushless gimbal you will need a brushless gimbal controller. This does not need to have it's own stabilization capability, just the ability to translate the servo signals from the APM to drive the gimbal motors. This differs from previous generations of gimbals which were direct servo driven in that on those the APM could drive the gimbal directly. (like an AV200, Cinistar, Droidworx etc.)

This does not need to you need a separate IMU based gimbal stabilization system for a brushless (latest generation) gimbal as alluded to in the previous post. 

>all gimbals are servo controlled to some extent

No they arent.

Converting ppm out for servoes back into angular acceleration is silly and ridiculous.

If there are any controllers that do this I am unaware of their existence.
hi jeff,

what ever the gimbals you have listed below are too costly and they are out of my budget and they are bigger in size. Right now i have DJI f550 Flame wheel so i need a gimbal that fits to my hexcopter. Thanks in advance.
There are many gopro gimbals available now, and very cheaply. However you will still need the external controller for best results. Don't rely on the APM. Eg Alexmos or Martinez. You might even need motors too.

I recommend Alexmos because you can feed pitch and roll commands to it from the APM. It also lets you reclaim channels 7 & 8 for APM use if need be, without having to juggle cables to your rx (which might be in a tricky position).
Buy some brusess gimbal motors and an alexmos board and build your own. Cheap and effective.

this one works literally out of the box in seconds...and incidentially is also the cheapest one on the market.

takes like 3 weeks to get the free shipping but worth the wait.

This is a great gimbal for the money. It comes with the gimbal, motors and controller board (Martinez) and works great out of the box. You CAN'T control it (pitch, roll, etc) with the APM.

I paid the extra for DHL shipping and got it in 3 DAYS!

I control the pitch sending it directly to the receiver and controlling it via the transmitter which in my case is a tgy 9x on channel 7

I need the one which I can control the pitch and roll from my APM2.5. Because for my FPV I have to capture videos in different angles. MARK can you please tell me the procedure how to control pitch n roll using the transmitter (Im using futaba T8J transmitter).

VENKAT--- it takes a total of 10 seconds....

I dont use the APM for pitch/control. I use Alexmos on a arduino board.

Plug in a single cable to the pin on the controller (see picture) then plug that to your transmitter on any free channel that has some sort of pot. It will work without a pot too.

hope this helps.

happy t-day!



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