Rover Hold/Delay At Waypoint

I'm currently testing a rover setup that I need to have go to a waypoint, hold position at that waypoint for a period of time, then simply continue on it's mission. I have looked through this group, as well as through the ardupilot forums, and can't seem to find a definitive answer. It looks like other people have attempted this sometime ago with no success...or at least they didn't update their posts to reflect it.

So, I've gone through virtually every chain of events I can think of in Mission Planner, and can't seem to get anything to make the rover hold it's position. Whether I use a loiter command, a combination of do and nav commands, etc...just nothing seems to want to hold the rover at a waypoint. I do realize some of these commands may not be for a rover, but I wanted to exhaust every option. What makes it even more confusing is that on the rover ardupilot wiki page that explains all the commands (here), it specifically says this under the waypoint definition...

param1DelayHold time at mission waypoint in decimal seconds (Copter/Rover only)


My assumption is that I should be able to simply input a time in that first parameter box to make it hold. But it just doesn't work. I've tried different combinations of numbers, decimal places, etc...but still nothing. I believe that this parameter may have been changed in the software at some point, because that box doesn't even indicate that it's for time anyway.

I even went as far as trying to setup my Pixhawk for a quadcopter, helipcopter, or plane...but I just can't seem to program it to work successfully on a ground vehicle. I'm currently just using a 10th scale vehicle from ECX if that makes any bit of difference. And really setting it up as some different type of vehicle really isn't ideal either.

If anyone has any input as to how to make this work, I'm open to any suggestions. A huge thank you in advance for any help!

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    • I too noticed that problem quite a while ago so I'm grateful that its been put on the list. 

      Thanks again to Grant and all the rover developers


    • Hey, Grant! Just wanted to check in with you, and see if there's any update on this?

    • Developer

      Lots of things to do - lots of priorities.  Its on the list :-)

      Thanks, Grant.

    • Sure, I completely understand, and appreciate you looking into it. Is this something you foresee taking quite some time to resolve?

    • That's great, thank you for doing that!

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