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Before Posting an Issue

Hi All,

Before posting an issue or a problem in the ArduRover Discussion Forum, please check the wiki table of contents, review the firmware release notes in the subforum, and search that subforum for existing answers to your question. Help avoid duplicate threads by finding other members with the same issue and their solution.

When formulating your post, use a descriptive title such as "rover will not navigate to waypoints in the Auto mode" (not "HELP!" or "Problem").

Please include the following information to help diagnose your query:

  • Describe the problem you are having. What is the expected verses the observed behavior?
  • Provide hardware information such as the brand and version of your autopilot, GPS, radio, and compass, as well as any other pertinent details about your rover setup.
  • What version of the APM: ArdurRover2 firmware version are you running?
  • For navigation issues, provide your tlog and/or dataflash log. Click here for instructions on retrieving a dataflash log.


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  • Admin


    After the Sparkfun AVC is over, there will be more time to devote to the functional priorities that are in the queue.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • I know this is low on the list of priorities, but I hope a developer can find time to work on a rover running in reverse to a WP.

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    I know that things have been somewhat quite here on the Comment Wall in relation to ArudRover2 program functionality development.

    The reason for the slowdown has been due to the fact that Tridge has had a lot on his plate lately and we are just one of the many coding efforts that he has been supporting.

    However we are attempting to push ahead this month with the Active Braking function testing and code validation in order to support those members who will be attending the Sparkfun AVC in Boulder, CO.

    We would like to be able to provide accurate, selectable speed control in the turns to ensure that at higher Cruise_Speeds the rover will not overshoot the turns.

    Testing has shown that for a given Speed_Turn_Gain value the higher the Cruise_Speed the farther the rover goes into the turn before actually turning. This means that the rover can actually overshoot the turn and go off the course before actually making the turn.

    This is where the Active Braking and Speed_Turn_Gain functions come in to play in order to slow the rover down sufficiently from a high Cruise_Speed in order to not run off the course before making the turn.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • @TCIII

    That's great. I noticed a different behavior when switching from stable release to latest. Love having the option to restart or continue. Now I know how. Thanks Tridge.
  • Admin

    Hi All,

    Recent Pixhawk testing has determined that after going back to Manual from Auto the Pixhawk will not reset the mission if it has not completed the mission and when put back to Auto will try to navigate to the last waypoint completed to try and complete the mission.
    Tridge has set up the rover code to use the MIS_AUTORESET parameter to allow the operator to chose between completing the mission or resetting the mission after switching from Auto to Manual and back to Auto.
    Enabling the parameter with a 1 will cause a Mission Reset when going from Auto to Manual and then back to Auto.
    TCIII ArduRover Developer
  • Admin

    Thanks for the kudos Linus, much appreciated:-)

    However, congratulations should be extended to you also for supporting the weekly code hacking hangouts, conducting rover testing to help validate the code updates, and providing timely insights into improving the rover firmware functions.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer 

  • Developer

    Dear rover enthusiasts,

    today it is now two years ago since Jean-Louis Naudin published the first version of the APMrover2 code here.

    Since then we have gone through a number of releases, countless fixes, new features, hundreds hours of discussing, developing and testing.

    I just wanted to take the oppotunity to thank all the people that were involved in the past years and especially
    Andrew Tridgell and Tom Coyle for many hours of hacking and tireless testing between our weekly rover hangouts!

    I also want to thank Greg Brill for giving us the newest toys to play with and Mike McCauley for his work on the flymaple port.

    Without you guys we could not get to where we are today with the rover, it is a real joy to be a part of the rover team and im looking forward to get it even better.

    We hope to see your rover on the track soon and wish you a always safe ride!


  • Thanks for your responses and patience.  I appreciate your suggestions.

    I have added way points and still get the same results - hold instead of auto mode, therefore cannot even start a mission.

    @TCIII yes, PWM output is correct, I can select mode for all three switch positions.

    @dr0n3droid Top switch position in flight modes setup says Auto (green), but Flight data screen (lower right) shows HOLD for this switch position (and I cannot start a mission ( but have been able to in the past, before upgrading to MP 1.3.0)

    New Surprise:  Upon starting up MP today, I got this for the first time and I am wondering if it might be the cause of my problems...


     Note that "allowing" does not solve my problem.  Windows arrrgh!

  • @emile
    you just have make a mission up like add a few dots make a sqaure in mission planner and that should fix your hold problem
  • Admin


    Again, another good observation. I have experienced the HOLD mode when no mission was loaded.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

This reply was deleted.

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