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  • Just noticed that the last comments were a few years ago. I hope this is not a dead end group?
  • Hi Guys, just joined the group. I would very much like to get more involved in drone operation with a view to doing a bit of part time Ag work. I have a Skywalker x8 frame and would like to kit it out to start to get some experience with operating it. In the first instance just want to kit it out and then take a few baby steps to learn to fly it.
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    It's been a quiet response but I'm still keen to catch up Dawid.  How are you for the weekend of 31 October?

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    Sounds like a great idea, would be very keen to meet everyone in Brisbane!

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    Guys, I was thinking that it would be good to get out and have a DIYDrones Brisbane get together.  These were popular down south in Melbourne and as a recent mover up to Brisbane, I would like to continue hosting the meets.

    Is anyone interested in catching up?

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    My my my it's been quiet.  I hope everyone has been flying or developing things during the winter.  I have been up to BNE a few times over the winter to fly and also warm up but didn't really have time to advertise it.  Would be great to see what people have been working on or flying. I'll be coming up again soon and this time will let people know - perhaps we could all catch up and go for a fly.

    Also, <plug>and I'm only doing this because people have asked, but I have put up an online store with the more popular 3DR gear that people appear to want in Australia.  I usually have more gear readily available so let me know if you want anything else.  Site address is SkymationUAV The Talon, Droidworx and Tiger gear will be going up shortly too.  </plug>

    One final point, I just had a call with 3DR about some developments and product designs and there's some exciting new 'prosumer' gear coming out at the end of this year or early next.  Worth keeping an eye out for that.

    Hope everyone is well!

  • Hey as a side note, does anyone know of a good place to get 2mm CF plate CNC routed in Brisbane?

  • Thanks for the link Redemptioner.  There's some gutsy flying there, and some close calls.  Looked like any mistake would involve a long wet walk to fish out a drowned quad too!  I'll keep an eye on the channel for sure.  I noticed Figgoat commented on the vid, I've seen his posts on the RCG scarab forum, if it's the same guy?  How many Figgoats can there be right?

    Jean-Baptiste, the meetup group is a great idea.  I've joined and will keep an eye out there too.

    Cheers all!

  • Hey guys, please join the Meetup group if you haven't already!

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    Nice work Redemptioner...  Would love to see some of the footage of those events.  I'm still stuck down in Melbourne for work.  Hoping to get up to BNE around late July time so would be great to catch up and see that scene.


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Recently purchased my first hexcopter, having gps problems not allowing me to arm or calibrate

Hey guys and firstly thanks for the add. I purchased my first hexcopter last week off a guy in Brisbane, when I picked it up he showed me it flying and doing everything it was told too hahaha. Now once I got it home and installed the driver for the usb and apm planner 2.0 I have been drowning. I can connect to the flight planner via the cable and calibrated my radio. I can not get the usb to talk to the flight planner even after changing the braud rate back to 57600. The other problem I am…

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Part time positions available

Hi all,Due to decent growth across the eastern seaboard, SkymationUAV is looking to hire a couple of people on a part time basis to help with demonstrations, technical discussions with clients, UAV building and software development.If you're interested, please reach out to me via danders [at] skymationuav [dot] com [dot] au with why you're interested, how you can assist and a brief background on your UAV experience and we can chat further.  Please note that this isn't just related to multi…

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SEQ Drone User Group

Hi everyoneFollowing this post on the DIY Drones forum, I have started a Meetup group for drone / UAV operators in the South East Queensland region.You will find the new group here.The purpose of the group is to host regular meetups for drone enthusiasts and commercial operators, and to help improve public opinion regarding civilian use of drones.  Cheers!

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