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Hi everyone, I'm new to the group and happy to find the group. I recently purchased Iris+ and updated the firmware on Mission Planner. Now I don't have telemetry. So far I have re-added the Iris+ Parameters with no luck. The only thing that seems to work until I shut down the TX is pulling the cable in the back of the TX that connects to the RF Module out and putting it back...this only works temp. These were both suggestions from 3DR. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Funny this should come up as I have been using telemetry since day one too .. but after I loaded the latest firmware 3.2.1. onto my one of my copters I can no longer connect .. no matter what I tried .. Nick from AUAV x 2 factory said it was an issue with 3.2.1 and to go back to 3.1.5 so I did ... now i can connect again ???? 

  • You know I just went through a bunch of BS with a problem along the same lines. I had 3 different Ground modules and 2 Air modules and Telemetry is something Ive been using since day one.

    Now the weird thing is although the telemetry would connect when connect was hit (one 2 computers, and 1 tablet) the green link lights still lit up on both. You could even go into telemetry and hit load settings and it would load the ground units config as well the air modules config! All the settings were the same, and on one ground and air they had the same firmware revision, (1.7) on the other 2 ground units I had 1.6 and one I updated to 1.9. So the units were comunicating with each other, just not the telemetry air unit and the APM.  After I found a third air unit I plugged it in and was able to connect to it with all 3 ground units, but still the other 2 air units would not connect. So I started looking at the color coded wires from the air telemetry to the plug and I noticed that had used a red for the ground and a black for VCC. But they had still put the Tx/RX wires next to the black wire (which is how they should be, but not when the color coded wires were backwards. So I corrected that, and even swapped the tx and rx thinking those could be wrong as well. No dice.

    So I ordered an FTDI so I could upload new firmware to the air units, but the thing is they were knock off's in the first place. Sure the radios are only $25 for a pair, but there is obviously some quality control issues. So from now on I will sticking to 3DR brand telemetry and I am also going to start using the v.2 units that are interchangable and so they both have USB ports. Again ALL of the ground units work fine and all connect to the 1 working air module I have....(which is an RC Timer) but the others are just no name knock offs. In any event, the telemetry link is to vital to skimp on IMHO. I also took this oppurtunity to change to a pixhawk for my quad.

    The APM Still works great for allot of applications, and I will still use the ones I have in my planes. But Quads have ALLOT more going on as far as processing to keep them flying and are lot more CPU intensive. You can't fly a quad with an IMU unit of some kind because the Multirotor craft has to process your commands on the fly and and vary each motors speed to move in any direction. (Imagine trying to fly a quad without an IMU? You would have 4 throttles and would have to figure out which ones to adjust to get it to move. Planes can be flown without one, and APM or Pixhawk doesnt have to do near the amount calculations.

    Anyways To troubleshoot your problems first you should power on your apm Via battery and see if the green blinkings light on each telemery unit go solid green, which usually indicated they see each other. Second put MP to the comport that the telemetry module on and set the baud rate at 57600, but dont hit connect. Then go to the screen you posted and hit load settings and see if it pulls the settings from just the ground or both. (Again while the apm is powered up and the lights on BOTH telemetry modules have gone green. If they have, check the wiring to the APM. The plug should have power on the the plug end closest to the edge of the APM, and ground on the pin on the opposite of the plug. Next to the ground is TX/RX pins and that should be it. This has nothing to do with both telemetry units going solid green, but does have to do with them talking to the APM. If both light up solid green and the wires are as they should be (Again dont trust the wire colors) Consider swapping the Rx/TX pins. 

    Also if one is of the telemetry modules is going solid green,but the other isnt. concentrate on the module that is going solid. For the ground you can eaily update firmware and see if that helps, if not then get an FTDI conncetor and update the firmware to the air module (Assuming your using V.1 telemetry, not the ones that BOTH have usb ports) and then make sure the settings for the ground and air module are the same, as well as taking the time to update the firmware on both. An FDI shipped from the US is only $5 to $8 on ebay. If you do have knockoff you can still connect it to the ftdi, but you will have take wires (Its best if you have an extra) out of the plug and jump them to the FTDI.. Thats pretty much all I can think off....BUT first make sure that the telemetry units are even seeing each other......

    • Thank you for the help and advice. I found a way to solve it. I Updated firmware on each separately. They both can't be connected at the same time to update firmware. One ver. was SIK 1.7 and the other 1.9. the only way to find out in this situation is to connect each one separate to determine Firmware version.

    • How did you connect the air module? Or are you using the V2 setup where both have USB connections.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

    • Will, I lucked out. Both have the usb connection.
  • What version of the firmware did you upgrade to? Maybe you should post in the 3.2 link if that's what you upgraded too... or here too? 

  • check mp/optional hardware/3dr radio make sure local and remote match in particular net ID

    • Did this solve your problem, Berbard?

    • Chris, how do I get the Remote side populated and updated? 

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      Try here Link



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