Hello all,


I'm currently working towards my B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering at FH-JOANNEUM, Austria. My thesis work involves the development of a flight control system for a flying wing UAV. I'm using the APM 2 with the ArduPlane software. I started by simulating the aircraft in Matlab/ Simulink with a 6DOF Nonlinear Simulation Model. Currently I'm analysing the ArduPlane code in order to design a Simulink model of the Ardu-Pilot flight controller to determine, simulate and optimize the affordable values. I've almost finished the Simulink model of the Ardu-Pilot flight controller. 

Now, is there any effort already done in this direction? 

Anyone interested in reviewing the Simulink flight controller model?

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  • Hey  Konstantin,

    I am a Graduate Research Student at Arizona State University, US. I am currently having difficulties in verifying  linear models for the quad rotor research platform in MATLAB®. I wanted to know if anyone has done any work in this category. 

    I would like to know basic guidelines on what functions can be used to linearize the model about different flight conditions. I have used fsolve() in MATLAB® but it has given me incorrect results for trim input forces.

    Any help or guidance is appreciated.



    • I am interested in reviewing your simulink model. 312adil@gmail.com . if you are willing then send me your files at this email address asap.

  • If anyone still interested, they can use this blockset if they can access a Matlab version >2012a.  Works with APM2.5 too.


  • Were you able to get all the sensor data from APM 2 ?  

  • Hi Marcell

    I am an undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am using ardupilot with a custom designed airframe. I am interested in tuning the arduplane controller gains using matlab/simulink. I am developing a flight dynamics model using 6 DOF simulink model.

    It would be really helpful, if you could upload the simulink model of Ardu-Pilot flight controller you had developed.


  • Thank you for your answers!
    I'll upload the simulink model soon but I have to talk to my supervisor first. I would be happy about some suggestions for improvements.
    I'm also working on an Arduplane flight control system description to make the Simulink model easier to understand.
  • I have been working on modeling and identification. A problem you will need to tackle is the lack of a way to output your sensor data. I am currently working on a 'flight data recorder' based on the vdrive usb module and am testing this on a standard arduino mega using a jtag interface and an avr-one as programmer. It not finished yet but i will post this comment because you need to be careful if you try to validate your models based on data received from the ardu pilot or its interface. The reason is that the timing of the measurements may not match in its current form. It is possible that this will hinder your efforts when trying to match model and data. Be careful in your assumption that measurements are taken at fixed intervals and have fixed amounts of time delays etc.

    Also, i am very interested in your work and i will be happy to review it 


    Jan van Hulzen

  • Marcell,

    I've been working on mapping a version of the flight controller for Matlab/Simulink as well. I took a break to work on an XBee issue, but my next step was to model what I derived in Simulink.

    If you want, I'd be happy to review the Simulink flight controller, and give you some feedback. 



  • Hi Marcell,
    have you checked Jason Short's sim? http://www.jasonshort.com/

    May be you can check the code to figure out the model he's using.

    ArduCopter SIM
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