Hello everyone,

I need a quadrotor that can reach 300 meters height with a payload of 500g for my project at the university.

Can any one help me to find it?

thank you.

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  • Just google model rocket parachute. These are hobbyist parachutes from safe descent of objects of comparable weight, from comparable altitudes. One of those should work. here are some examples http://www.ebay.com/bhp/rocket-parachute . What you are interested in is v : desired vertical landing speed, cd : parachute drag coefficient , A = Parachute area. Assuming you are high enough to reach terminal velocity  : Drag = Weight = .5 * cd * density_air  * A * v ^2.

    The propellers have inertia and wont stop spinning automatically, further they might autorotate on descent even with the motors off.How did you plan on safely/efficiently deploying the chute on a quadrotor tumbling from the sky, with propellers spinning(sensors, processors & actuator)? 

  • Any quadcopter in the world can reach a height of 300+ meters as long as it is allowed by the energy of the quadrotor.

    In other words, here it is not really the software that plays a role, rather it is the payload of the quad that plays a role here, the battery, the frame AWG (weight with motor minus battery), energy density/ weight of battery, the types of motor, prop size!!

    You may want to reframe the question.

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