Are you grounded for lack of parts?

Since it appears that 3DR will not honor the 30 day money back guarantee, it occurs to me that maybe my loss can benefit some of the others in the same spot I found myself in - unable to fly and no replacement parts available.

At the time of this post, I have everything that my Solo shipped with - except the #4 motor pod. I will sell every part individually (except the mother board) to anyone who actually needs the part(s) to get back into the air.

To ensure the parts go to those that need them - you would have to send me the defective/broken parts (except for props). I am not selling spares at this point.

Send an email to with the part(s) you need and a reasonable offer. If needing motor pods, as I know several of you do, list the motor arm number (1-4).

I will not be selling first come, first serve, but will try to get as many Solos back in the air as possible. In other words I would rather sell 2 motors to 2 users and get both Solos back in the air, than to sell both motors to one user and only get on bird back up.

I know I can't make my investment back, but hey, maybe I can cut my loss and make a few people happy in the process. My negativity regarding the whole situation is wearing on me, I have to be better than 3DR.

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  • No "Man" If you cant handle my out spoken character, well grow up. Freedom of speech and everybody has a right to hear everybodys opinion here on this site. Im not saying that that bad 3 letter word product is better that 3drs product. I own an 3dr x8 and another ship flying pixhawk, so Im not on just one sided. Yah customer service sucks on that 3 letter word company and on 3drs side. Hell I cant even get BMW to service my car with out screwing up. Customer service sucks everywhere! I hope the Solo makes it, but when people are frustrated with being grounded due to not getting their drone they ordered or parts due to a failure, they want to know another company to go to I have to speak up and suggest the 3 letter company. All I know is that I pull my Phantom or inspire out the case, take off and fly. If it crashes, I can find parts easily on feebay or a plethora of online suppliers. Im not wasting peoples time and please quit attacking me. If you dont like what I say..ignore it and move on. People have a right to know.  I am un following this post

    Happy flying!

  • Why not just take it up with your CC company?

    They will surely honor your chargeback as you can show them the written 3DR policy?

    I am fairly certain that 3DR will stand behind that money back thing.....but they are swamped trying to fix lots of Solos and seem to have gotten far behind in their responses.

    No need to get dramatic. Take the emotion out of it - put it in the box and do a chargeback on your CC or PP.

    Unless you paid in another fashion? Or, if it's over 30 days on your CC (see your CC policies - most of them favor you).

  • I too would be upset with 3DR not honoring the 30 day satisfaction guarantee; although I have yet to see it in writing on their site.

  • Did they confirm you will not be getting your money back? Or did you not hear back from them still? Just read your other post.

    • They have not said no - they just refuse to give me an RMA to return it after multiple requests over a 2+ week period. 

    • To be clear - I have heard back...they just won't give the RMA number.  Last nights response was:

      "I do really understand your frustration, and I really apologize for this inconvenience that this has caused you. We are trying to do the best we could to fulfill all the orders that we received daily. And the truth it is that we ran out of motor pods last days, if you want I can check first hour tomorrow morning if we received the new batch of motor pods, if so, I will forward your information to shipping department so they can ship this to you as soon as we have the new ones.

      Let me know if you have any questions or doubts about it.

      Best regards.

      Trent Scobs"

      That response was in reply to:


    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Mark,

      I'm sorry about this.  We'll absolutely give you a full and complete refund.  I'll also arrange to have a motor shipped overnight to you today if you wish.  Please let me know what you'd like to do.  I've also sent you an email as well.

    • Thank you Vu.

      I replied directly to your email.

    • Sounds like a class action law suit needs to be started!!!

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