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Photos from the Ferrara Drone Show

Congrats to Marco Robustini and his team/colleagues for a fantastic first Ferrara Drone Show, in the lovely northern Italian town of Ferrara (between Bologna and Venice). Most of the drones on display were using Pixhawk or another APM derivative such as the VR Brain, with the exception of one older (2012) design that was still using a DJI Wookong, but is in the process of upgrading to Pixhawk. Very good attendance and about 40-50 companies on display. Unfortunately no flying outside, due to the very tough Italian regulations, but there was a fun FPV racing arena inside that was packed.

Here are a few pictures from the event (above, a quad designed to take off and land in water):

Could this be any more SciFi? (huge long duration quad)

Marco has a company! Still working on that whole copter != plane naming thing ;-)

Gorgeous design from Carbon Drone, who include designers from an Italian Formula One car team

Inside: Pixhawk-powered, of course!

The legs remove with this really neat twist-and-click mechanism. Many of the hardware bits come from racing cars.

This amazing Pixhawk-powered copter is designed to drop wasp eggs on crops, to kill pests. 

Here's a video where I try to explain how it works

Here's a description in Italian of how it works. Rough translation: bad moths eat corn. Wasps kill moths. Must drop wasp eggs every 10m in corn, but only when corn is tall. How to do that without damaging corn? Drones! 

Italian colors on display!

VirtualRobotix has a cool new little 250-size copter with the micro VR Brain

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  • Todd Harper

    Thanks for sharing Chris and congrats Marco on a successful event!

  • Developer

    Marco Robustini

    Chris and Marco with the "Carbon Drone" team at FDS...

  • Cala

    Really Nice :)