OSD for FrSky Smart Port telemetry based on minimosd-extra

This is a OSD for FrSky Smart Port telemetry based on minimosd-extra.

To get this working you need:
- MinimOSD or MavlinkOSD
- UART to Smart Port Inverter https://github.com/razvanstanga/minimosd-frsky/blob/master/S.PORT_i...
- FTDI 5v connector http://www.robofun.ro/conector-ftdi-5v

- mkdir ArduCAM_OSD
- cd ArduCAM_OSD
- git clone git://git.razvi.ro/minimosd-extra-frsky.git .
- copy the the content of libraries in c:\Users\YourUser\Documents\Arduino\libraries\
- open ArduCAM_OSD.ino in Arduino
- select from Tools > Board > Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5v, 16 MHz) w/ATmega328
- upload

- battery voltage from current sensor (FCS-40A)
- cell voltage (in temperature slot) from lipo voltage sensor (FLVSS)
- amperage from current sensor, old hub vfas (FAS-40/FAS-100/FAS-100-XT) and new smart port (FCS-40A)
- altitude form bario sensor (FVAS-02H)
- gps (GPS V2)
- low battery warning
- you can use Config. Tool to edit the settings

I used the following sources to write it:


Any help on this is welcomed.

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    Stefan Beier

    Thanks for your answer.
    What settings should I change to see the GPS data from my Taranis in OSD?

    In the ArduCAM_OSD I have defined:
    #define FRSKY
    #define MinimOSD
    #define TELEMETRY_SPEED 57600

    What else could be the problem?

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    Stefan Beier

    My Antenna Tracker (open360tracker) use this data address to work with GPS data.

    #define GPS_ALT_BP_ID   0x01
    #define GPS_ALT_AP_ID   0x09
    #define BARO_ALT_BP_ID 0x10
    #define BARO_ALT_AP_ID 0x21
    #define GPS_LON_BP_ID   0x12
    #define GPS_LAT_BP_ID   0x13
    #define GPS_LON_AP_ID   0x1A
    #define GPS_LAT_AP_ID   0x1B
    #define GPS_LON_EW_ID  0x22
    #define GPS_LAT_NS_ID   0x23

    This OSD work with this data adresses.

    #define GPS_LONG_LATI_FIRST_ID   0x0800
    #define GPS_LONG_LATI_LAST_ID    0x080f
    #define GPS_ALT_FIRST_ID               0x0820
    #define GPS_ALT_LAST_ID                0x082f
    #define GPS_SPEED_FIRST_ID          0x0830
    #define GPS_SPEED_LAST_ID           0x083f
    #define GPS_COURS_FIRST_ID          0x0840
    #define GPS_COURS_LAST_ID           0x084f
    #define GPS_TIME_DATE_FIRST_ID   0x0850
    #define GPS_TIME_DATE_LAST_ID    0x085f

    The first one are the addresses from the old D-series protocoll and the second are from the SPort protocoll.

    I think this is my problem.

    Is it posible to change this addresses? So that the OSD works with the old protocoll adresses.

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    I buy minimosd/mavlink like this http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...


    I need help because with X8R (buy 2015) I dont have data!
    can You help me!

    I have used example from forum,

    I have buy http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24523__ZYX_S_S_BUS_Conne...
    I try with  http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__58202__FrSKY_S_Port_To_U...

    I have also    http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=16672 but i don't have try