Antananarivo, Madagascar

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I want to take still photographs and video footage using hexacopter for my PhD research.



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ANDRIAMAMPIANINA Feno Sitraka posted a discussion
Hello,I got an hexacopter ready to fly with an APM2.5. I tried and tried to run it but finally I was unable to do anything with. I went online and saw that I need to arm the APM and then try to do it but nothing happens.Any…
Jul 29, 2013
ANDRIAMAMPIANINA Feno Sitraka posted a discussion
Hello everyone!I am new on hexacopter and bad on electronics.I just calibrated my ESCs and test them one by one and they work. Now I have a problem with getting my motors working together through the APM. I am even unable to power my receiver (AR…
Jul 24, 2013