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hi, i'm Jeannette Contreras

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I never really thought much about the whole UAV scheme of things, i've mainly concentrated on GA. However now that im in the literature reasearch stage, im bloody surprised how big the UAV network is around the world. And ill tell you what, its quite fascinating.I will be designing and building the airframe for a UAV platform mainly concerned with complete autonomous launch, flight plan and landing. The main priorities will be high endurance with a small payload capacity and choice of materials.



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"Immerse yourself in the enchanting symphony of Geometry Dash, where you'll effortlessly traverse a dynamic world https://geometrydash-full.com/"
Nov 20
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"Even with naza/wookong, multirotors are not plug-and-play, especially when they are 800mm in size. https://fireboyand-watergirl.co/"
Nov 7
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"After the upgrade, I saw from looking over my logs that my z sensations had greatly increased. The fft plot in MP showed a frequency peak that, according to calculations made using the charts, matched the rpm of my two-blade prop. If this frequency…"
Nov 7
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