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Currently working in Engineering research, enjoy working with teleoperated systems, UAVs, design, prototyping, neurophysiology, Brain-Computer Interface systems, signal filtering, etc...

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Quadcopters, AI control systems, uControllers, Intelligent Systems Research, Ducted Fan power systems, UAV, mUAV



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Luke Nyhof commented on Paul Bupe's blog post Autonomous UAV Clustering Network
"Fantastic work Paul! As a side note, I'm not sure what university you are studying at but over here (Aus) your work remains yours, including ALL intellectual property rights, the only exception is an industry sponsored masters/phd where the rights…"
Apr 14, 2015
Luke Nyhof commented on IKE's blog post Quadrotor automatically recovers from failure or aggressive launch, without GPS
"@Waladi - thoroughly read the research papers first, then write the code..."
Mar 31, 2015
Luke Nyhof replied to Chris Shelby's discussion Which ESC / Motor controllers are best when upgrading from MK to Pixhawk
"Hi Chris, personally I'd stick with the MK motor controllers, the firmware is very solid and has far more diagnostic reporting than 95% of the BLESC's used by masses. That said, if you are looking to offload a few MK boards then your post has…"
Mar 3, 2015
Luke Nyhof commented on Dragan's blog post Atas Defiance 265 - an ultimate fpv racer airframe - Preannouncement!
"From first glance it seems you are correct... Perhaps a commercial offerings subsection is needed?"
Dec 14, 2014
Luke Nyhof commented on F. C. Bearsch's blog post Rethinking the RC "Controller TX" - SuperMan FM Continued-
"http://www.3dconnexion.com/products/spacenavigator.html might be a better alternative, the pro version is a little heavy..."
Oct 28, 2014
Luke Nyhof commented on F. C. Bearsch's blog post Rethinking the RC "Controller TX" - SuperMan FM Continued-
"Awesome, I've been working on a prototype for this for the past year, should be releasing an open source beta of the controller in the coming months, but I am open to collaboration. It's based on a 6DOF optoelectronic interface similar to the…"
Oct 28, 2014
Luke Nyhof replied to airmazingvideo.com's discussion Pixhawk with BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC Gimbal
"Have you looked into the Wiki for the built in camera gimbal function? (http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-camera-gimbal/) then just hook up your AlexMos controller as written there, to prevent the APM from controlling the gimbal automatically…"
Oct 7, 2014
Luke Nyhof posted a blog post
Hey fellow OpenTX users!I've been procrastinating whilst writing up my thesis, at the end of finishing up a rather long Matlab script I thought wouldn't it be great to be able to use Matlab to generate and save SAPI5 voice packs for my favorite TX,…
Aug 18, 2014
Luke Nyhof commented on jlcortex's blog post Huge quadcopters can be attractive alternative to fixed wing for mapping and survey
"Any thoughts on using Taulman Bridge 618/645 nylon filament instead of brittle PLA? I'm currently in the middle of a large Hex build for a 5kg payload, and personally I wouldn't trust thousands of dollars worth of hardware to be held together or up…"
Aug 18, 2014
Luke Nyhof replied to Bill Babcock's discussion 3DR radio and Samsung Galaxy Tablet
"Just wondering, have you enabled the USB developer option in the settings menu? With the Galaxy S4 all you need to do is press the "About Device" menu in the "Settings Menu" then find the "Build Number" section, just keep pressing the word  "Build…"
Aug 16, 2014
Luke Nyhof replied to Shyam Balasubramanian's discussion IDEA Required: For a Master Thesis Project.
Nov 20, 2012
Luke Nyhof commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "Mind-controlled" spherocopter on Kickstarter
"I agree Fab, muscle noise, especially from the eye muscles can be easily used as a control signal, however from my work and the work of many other researchers in the neuro field have found that the computer system which interprets the eye muscle…"
Nov 12, 2012
Luke Nyhof commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "Mind-controlled" spherocopter on Kickstarter
"@ Fab, it sure as heck does work without an invasive ECoG array, try telling that to the neuroscience department at pretty much any hospital around the world! It's the muscle noise and electrode connectivity/impedance non-stationarity which is the…"
Nov 12, 2012
Luke Nyhof commented on Chris Anderson's blog post CanberraUAV (ArduPlane) wins Outback Challenge!
"Well done fellas! Great to hear all the hard work has paid off"
Oct 4, 2012
Luke Nyhof replied to Chad Frazer's discussion No telemetry but good display...
"I have the same problem, tried with Xbee and an MK Wi.232 module, all have the same problem. The MinimOSD is receiving the heartbeat signal but will not update the telemetry (artificial horizon, GPS lat & lon, etc...) only the "mode" change and the…"
Aug 21, 2012
Luke Nyhof commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Autonomous fixed-wing drone threads the needle in a parking garage
"Quite impressive, would be even more so if the guidance system did not have a predetermined model of the environment before flight..."
Aug 16, 2012