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My interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) stems from their multifaceted applications and technological advancements. UAVs, commonly known as drones, have revolutionized various industries, including agriculture, delivery services, environmental monitoring, and disaster management. Their ability to access hard-to-reach areas and provide real-time data has significant implications for efficiency and safety.


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Marko Merpovich replied to Earth of drones's discussion Risky drone flying
"Risky drone flying, man, it's all about balancing that thrill with responsibility. Always remember to respect the skies and fly safely. Know your limits and the regulations to avoid any bad vibes or mishaps. If you need help writing up a report on…"
Jun 10
Marko Merpovich replied to Harish's discussion Learning Simulation with Pixhawk
"Learning simulation with Pixhawk is like embarking on a cosmic journey into the skies, man. It's all about embracing the tech to simulate flights without leaving the ground. Dive into understanding software like GazeBook for the wildest virtual…"
Jun 10
Marko Merpovich replied to Nico's discussion DCL - the Game
"So of course I'm ready to go pro. I will need your support. In the meantime, I enjoy https://lttry.com/play/keno-lttry play keno It helps me relax and de-stress after work. But drones are still my priority. Although for some reason it does not open…"
Jun 4
Marko Merpovich replied to Norimbo's discussion Bad Gyro Health in Pixhawk 2.1
"I wonder how you solved the problem. I think this can be solved by replacing the battery. You need to monitor the health of the copter. It is almost the same as human health. Therefore, it is worth consuming low carb pizza…"
Jun 4
Marko Merpovich replied to Jim Sci's discussion What company manufactures this winged hybrid VTOL drone?
"Hey beautiful souls! The company behind the winged hybrid VTOL drone with tilt rotors could be Wingcopter, known for their innovative drone designs. If anyone has more info, sharing would be super groovy! For those balancing drone projects with…"
May 31
Marko Merpovich replied to Otschi's discussion Single Motor Quadcopter
"Hey folks, the idea of a single motor quadcopter with one central motor distributing power to four rotors is fascinating! You'd need to manage rotor speeds with servos and possibly use a custom flight controller. It's a unique challenge, but with…"
May 30
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