About Me:

I'm Matt Beasley, the proud owner of Drone Motion, a leading drone media service provider based in the beautiful town of Didcot, UK. With a passion for capturing breathtaking aerial imagery and a commitment to delivering top-notch drone photography and videography services, I've been fortunate to turn my love for drones into a thriving business. Whether it's capturing stunning landscapes, documenting events, or assisting various industries with aerial perspectives, I'm dedicated to providing high-quality drone content that exceeds expectations.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My interest in UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) stems from a fascination with the endless possibilities they offer for capturing unique and captivating perspectives of the world around us. Drones, equipped with advanced camera technology and the ability to fly in various environments, have opened up new horizons in photography and videography. As the owner of Drone Motion, I've not only turned this passion into a thriving business but also cultivated a deep expertise in operating drones safely and effectively. Whether it's exploring the stunning landscapes of the UK, covering exciting events, or assisting businesses with aerial surveys and inspections, my interest in UAVs is driven by the desire to push the boundaries of creativity and provide valuable services to clients. It's truly an exciting field to be a part of.



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