Columbia, MO

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I am a Senior in Highschool, play piano, am homeschooled, enjoy video games, robotics, and origami.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Starting to get into quads. Planning my first build this summer. Hope it works! In other words.... Hope It doesn't crash to often!



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Matthew Barnard replied to Dylan Eave's discussion Slow telemetry --- Optimization of a common setup
"Have you found a solution to the problem? I was using Ultimate LRS beta but it wasn't working that well for me."
Apr 28, 2016
Matthew Barnard replied to Tom Gates's discussion APM 3.1.5 firmware update
"I realize this post is rather old. Here is an answer to those with the problem.

You need a .hex flasher. Xloader works for me http://xloader.russemotto.com/
Then get the latest APM 2.6 file from ardupilot found here…"
Sep 11, 2015
Matthew Barnard commented on Pod's blog post Beginnings of Raspberry Pi FPV software
"Hi, This is exactly what I was thinking of doing, I was just not sure if anyone had done it yet!
It is awesome that you have gotten it semi working.
I will install gstreamer on my RPI and test it out. First I will buy an RPI camera this week.
Jun 21, 2014
Matthew Barnard commented on Kate's blog post My Copters Have Arrived!
"Awesome! I am new to the UAV world as well. It is really cool to see more diversity in the hobby! I will work on getting my sister into it. So far she flies it around for a while and then crashes it into the garage and then spends 5 minutes laughing…"
Jun 18, 2014
Matthew Barnard replied to Andrew Dankers's discussion MAVLink data displayed on OpenTX (9X/9XR/etc) radio screen via OpenLRS, plus telemetry pass-thru to PC
"This is really awesome!
They came out with a 1W version, so long range is possible! Unfortunately the RX only has a 100mw transmitter so upgraded antennas are a must :/"
Jun 4, 2014
Matthew Barnard posted a discussion in ArduRover User Group
It will nead gyros for high speed cars. My e revo accelerats so fast that the current programing may break my car
Oct 10, 2012
Matthew Barnard posted a photo
Oct 10, 2012
Matthew Barnard left a comment for Matthew Barnard
"I can't figure out how to upload my photo."
Oct 10, 2012
Matthew Barnard left a comment on 3D Printing Drone Parts
"I don't have a 3d printer but I think that is a really cool idea. You could print custom 3d parts for people for a small fee. Now that would be awsome."
Oct 10, 2012