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Modeler from 1978

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Newbie, but want to do something useful with all this technology


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Tony posted a discussion
Ok I looked at the tuning page, and I can't seem to find the sweet spot for theTHR_ALT_P value. My Hex keeps climbing no matter what I try. Please help.I have a Hex DJI550 with the APM2.5(in case), FW2.9.1b, MP 1.2.51. UBlox telemetry. Moon gel…
May 20, 2013
Tony replied to Tony's discussion Hexacopter - twitching, is it battery placement?
"OK I found the issue, after many parts switching.  The receiver was responsible for erroneous inputs.  Thanks to a search on the forum, sort of hinted towards tracking Inputs (ENABLE MOTORS).
Mar 30, 2013
Tony posted a discussion
Hi DIYdrone community!This was a short flight because I was getting bursts of yaw, that I wasn't inputting (see or rather "hear" video).http://youtu.be/khHTi_e6CNk  I looked around the forum to see if there was anybody using this kind of equipment…
Mar 17, 2013